UTMB President Dr. David L. Callender spent a morning alongside several employees who keep UTMB's many parking garages clean for the thousands of people who park on campus each day.

University Parking Facilities is part of UTMB’s Auxiliary Enterprises Department, which ensures that all buildings, grounds and equipment are maintained properly. Not only do crews collect and remove trash daily from UTMB’s eight garages and various lots around campus, but they also sweep parking surfaces and stairwells, wash the parking decks, maintain elevators and lobbies, and inspect floor drains and lighting fixtures. 

Callender said he learned a lot from the crew, which included Robert Gaona, Dana Malone, Gregory Wisner and two supervisors, Eric Murray and Domingo Morales, who have a combined 55 years working at UTMB.  He emphasized the important work that these cleaning crews do on a daily basis.

“Parking garages are the first impression our patients, families, visitors and employees have about UTMB,” said Callender. “These cleaning crews take great pride in their work, do a terrific job and make sure that the first impression of UTMB is an excellent one.”