BSHS Selectives 2023-2024
Selectives Type:  Basic Science

Selective Title
Honors Research Program (BSHS Credit)
Course Number
NCBU 4005
Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Honors Research Program required. Students must arrange with their advisor the period in which this selective will be taken. C Form must then be signed by the Faculty Director.
Responsible Faculty Director:
Jiaren Sun, MD, PhD
Other Faculty:
Advisors of students accepted into the program
Contact Information
Jiaren Sun, MD, PhD at
Periods Offered
1-12 (excluding Period 11)
including holiday period 8
Maximum Enrollment

Learning Objectives
The student must be a member of the Honors Research Program. To be considered for admission to the program, the student must have written a proposal and submitted the proposal to the Honors Research Steering committee. Acceptance into the Honors Program is determined by the steering committee. The student can use this selective to continue the basic science research outlined in the proposal, analyze data previously collected by the student, write the thesis and/or write a research report which should include introduction, methods results and a discussion of the results as well as appropriate references to current literature.

Describe the qualifications background and career goals or interests of students who would benefit from the course:
The student has to be a member of the Honors Research Program.

Description of course activities
Course activities will depend on the stage of the student in the Honors Research Program and the expectations of the laboratory the student is working in, course activities could include but are not limited to data collection, writing the thesis, lab meetings, oral presentation of the data to the advisor and lab personnel, and/or library research.

Proposed time requirement (%) for the student activities per 40-hour week:
Activity Percent of Activity
Faculty contact time


Self-directed study


Data collection/analysis

0 - 70

Other Writing the thesis

0- 70

Method of student evaluation

Check all that apply - complete appropriate section(s) only:
1.  Grading
A. Please specify your grading criteria for outstanding performance:
  Progress toward a completed thesis. Progress will be determined by the advisor

2.  Written Assignment (Homework, projects, notes, papers, abstracts, etc.)
A. Frequency of written assignment(s)
  One written assignment.
B. Type of written assignment
  Seminars or tutorials culminating in a research paper.
Basic science research plus documented written report.
Humanities, social sciences, biostatistical or epidemiological research culminating in a scholarly paper or written report.
Clinically-based written reports focusing on a basic science or humanities problem.
Journal club written reports
Grant proposals
Literature review
Oral presentation plus written report.
Other modality with a self-directed, scholarly research component culminating in a written report.
C. Format of written assignment
  If the student so choses, the thesis can be handed in as the final written product. The thesis is in journal format with extensive references. Length of the thesis can vary but should be at least 10-15 pages not including figures or references. Alternately student can write a research report which should include introduction, methods, results, discussion of the results as well as appropriate references to current literature.
D. Method of content selection (student-selected, assigned, relate to cases, etc.)
  Based on the Honors research proposal

3.  Oral Presentation
  A. Frequency / duration of presentation(s)?
    At the discretion of the advisor
  B. Type and format of presentation
    At the discretion of the advisor
  D. Assessment - Who assesses the student's presentation performance?
    Self-assessment   Peer assessment   Faculty assessment
  E. Method of content selection
    Student-selected topic   Assigned topic

4.  Professionalism
  What expectations do you have for the student to demonstrate participation in the elective (e.g. small group activities, seminars, thoughtful questions, providing resources, journal club, resident lecture attendance)?

The instructor will discuss principles of appropriate attribution and the referencing of literature with the student. The student is expected to understand and to adhere to the principle that all presented work must be solely the student’s own.


5.  Other Modes of Evaluation
  Please explain below.
    A student whose performance is considered outstanding by the advisor can be recommended for an award.