Orthopaedic Surgery SOM Electives

Choose Orthopaedic Surgery elective to display

Action Course No Title Department Director Duration Site
Display ORSU-4001Applied Orthopaedics Principles in Lower Extremity SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryJie Chen, MD2
Display ORSU-4002Orthopaedic TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn Hagedorn, MD2
Display ORSU-4013Acting Internship in Orthopaedic Surgery-PediatricOrthopaedic SurgeryDavid A. Yngve, M.D.4
Display ORSU-4015Orthopedics Clinic Only GalvestonOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, M.D.4
Display ORSU-4017Orthopedic ResearchOrthopaedic SurgeryZbigniew Gugala, MD, PhD4 or 8
Display ORSU-4018Acting Internship in Orthopedic Surgery - Foot and Ankle SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryVinod Panchbhavi, MD4
Display ORSU-4019A/I in Orthopaedic Surgery - TDC/TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn C. Hagedorn, MD4
Display ORSU-4021A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - Spine SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryEdward Southern, MD4
Display ORSU-4026A/I Orthopedic Surgery - Shoulder and Elbow SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, MD4
Display ORSU-4027A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - General Ortho/Ortho TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryMark A. Foreman, MD4
Display ORSU-4028A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - Sports MedicineOrthopaedic SurgeryRobert Lindeman, MD4
Display ORSU-4053Acting Internship in Orthopedic Surgery, Applied Orthopedic Principles in Lower Extremity Surgery Orthopaedic SurgeryJie Chen, MD4
Display ORSU-4405Orthopaedics Clinic Only @ League City CampusOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, MD4
Display ORSU-4406Hospital Based OrthopedicsOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn C. Hagedorn, MD4