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Research Expertise



Brain & Spinal Cord SlicesLi-Yen Mae Huang, Shao-Jun Tang, Eliseo Eugenin, Shelly Buffington
Single Molecule BiophysicsAndres Oberhauser, Eliseo Eugenin
Neuroinfectious DiseaseShao-Jun Tang, Ping Wu, Gracie Vargas, Eliseo Eugenin, Brendan Prideaux
Stem CellsPing Wu
Transgenic MiceLisa Elferink, Ping Wu, Shao-Jun Tang, Eliseo Eugenin, Qing Yang
Rodent CNS Injury & PainJin Mo Chung, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Ping Wu, Bo Chen, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
Research Methodology
Fluorescence SpectroscopyAndres Oberhauser, Gracie Vargas, Eliseo Eugenin
HPLC/FPLCJavier Navarro, Andres Oberhauser
Patch Clamping/ElectrophysiologyJin Mo Chung, Owen Hamill, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Eliseo Eugenin, Shelly Buffington, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
Single Cell Recording In vivoJin Mo Chung, Shelly Buffington, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
Metabolomics and Lipidomics/Mass SpectrometryBrendan Prideaux
Rodent BehaviorJin Mo Chung, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Ping Wu, Shelly Buffington, Qing Yang
X-ray CrystallographyJavier Navarro
RNA Seq/Next Generation SequencingLisa Elferink, Ping Wu, Qing Yang
Atomic ForceAndres Oberhauser
ConfocalJin Mo Chung, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Ping Wu, Lisa Elferink, Gracie Vargas, Bi-Hung Peng, Eliseo Eugenin, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
MultiphotonGracie Vargas
FluorescenceJin Mo Chung, Lisa Elferink, Gracie Vargas, Ping Wu, Andres Oberhauser, Eliseo Eugenin, Qing Yang
Second Harmonic Generation (SHGM)Gracie Vargas