Research Group

Research Facilities

There are extensive research facilities on the UTMB campus with separate whole buildings dedicated to Pharmacology, Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Anatomy and Pathology, and more. The Department of Neurosurgery has dedicated to it about 1100 square feet of wet bench lab space in the separate Surgical Research Building adjacent to the main hospital. In addition to animal surgical and animal care facilities that are part of the surgical research building, many types of equipment are available including "gene Chip" cDNA array analysis, Northerns, Western Blot, tissue culture, HPLC, and many types of microscopy (including Macro, fluoro and confocal).

For the clinical projects, there is an IRB and a separate inter-department service (GCRC) for conducting clinical trials with "time-shared" study coordinators experienced in compliance with protocols and data gathering. This service can make possible participation in trials that otherwise would not support a study coordinator because of highly selective admission criteria and expected small patient accrual.

There is an institutional office of sponsored programs that assists with application for and administration of outside funding. UTMB has internal funding available (through the Sealy-Smith and Moody Foundations as well as through institutional grants) on a competitive basis for pilot and small projects.