From Bench to Bedside: How One Health is Already Part of Your World

First Annual One Health SymposiumDecember 1st, 2022  |  9 AM-1:30 PM
UTMB’s Health Educational Center, Room 3.200

Sponsors: Institute for Human Infections and Immunity and UTMB’s Office of the Vice President of Research

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9 – 930am

What is One Health & Why is it Important?

Welcome by UTMB VP Research Randy Urban
Speaker Greg Gray

5 mins
25 mins

9:30 – 10:30am

Examples of One Health Research Projects at UTMB (lightning round presentations about One Health-oriented research projects at UTMB)
Here’s what I do that is relevant to One Health.

Moderator Greg Gray
Dennis Bente
Nikos Vasilakis
Gary Kobinger
Scott Weaver
Bill Ameredes
Perenlei Enkbaatar
Patty Aguilar
Alfredo Torres

~5 mins each

10:40 – 11:30am

Grant Idea Brainstorming Activity:
A OH RFP is distributed and read aloud. Each group brainstorms interdisciplinary ideas to win the research funding.

Moderators Peter Melby and Matt Dacso
Attendees break into 4 interdisciplinary groups. Each group identifies a reporter who will receive a small gift

10 mins introduction
40 mins group discussions

11:30 – 11:50am

Grant Brainstorming Report-outs

Moderators Peter Melby and Matt Dacso
Group reporters give summaries

~5 mins each

11:50 – Noon

Distribute box lunches

Moderator Christy Taylor Bray


Noon - 1pm

How One Health has led to Breakthroughs in Science and Clinical Care. (4 speakers highlight major One Health research activities and how they have or will impact clinical care) These lecture will serve as an Internal Medicine Grand Rounds CME event

Moderator Dennis Bente

Lucas Blanton
Matt Dacso
Miguel Cabada
Susan McLellan

12 mins each

1pm – 1:15pm

Where Do We Go from Here? (how to stay engaged with One Health and taking the grant ideas forward to actual projects) and Describe possible ideas for future OH activities: 2023 meeting, large grant proposals, national OH symposium, research competition with prizes, center/institutes, R13 grant, R23 grant, etc.

UTMB VP Research Randy Urban

15 min

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