December 2023 - Answers in Cattle: The One Health Approach to a Deadly Arbovirus / One Health Approach to Combating the EG.5 Variant / On the Front Lines Addressing Airborne Pathogens

  November 2023 - Pathogen identification in acute undifferentiated febrile syndrome in Colombia / Celebrate One Health Day: November 3, 2023

  October 2023 - Do Human Pathogens Ever Cause Illness Among Domestic Animals? / UTMB’s One Health Research Team to Study Livestock Farms for Emerging Coronaviruses

  September 2023 - Acute Febrile Illnesses in Refugee Communities / A Subtle Resurgence of Murine Typhus in Galveston County

  August 2023 - Researchers Meet for the Second Annual Mongolia GEOHealth Hub Meeting and First National Environmental Health Conference / Texas Tech University Debuts a Very Novel PhD Program in One Health Sciences

  July 2023 - SARS-CoV-2 in a Hanoi Hippopotamus / Five Mongolian Scholars Receive Advanced One Health-Oriented, Environmental Health Research Training in the United States

  June 2023 - The Health of Texas Cattle: An Evolving Focus at West Texas A&M / President of Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences Signs Agreement with UTMB Administrators

  May 2023 - Potential One Health Takes An (Ocean) Dive / One Health Collaboration between UTMB and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

  April 2023 - Potential Novel Introduction of H9N2 in Live Bird Markets in Myanmar / One Health Approach to Combating Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)

  March 2023 - One Health Initiatives for the new UTMB Department of Global Health and Emerging Diseases / The rake in the haystack: A glimpse into the burgeoning world of viral spillover

  February 2023 - Chagas Disease Among Animal Populations in the United States / An Evolution of Collaboration at UTMB

  January 2023 - Antimicrobial Resistance / Robert E. Shope MD Professorship in Infectious Epidemiology Appointment  / Johns Hopkins World GIS Day Presentation


  December 2022 - Influenza D with Dr. Leibler / OH Approach in U.S. Biosecurity Preparedness / U.S. and Mongolian Collaboration for OH Environmental Research

  November 2022 - Infectious Science Podcast / OH in UTMBs NIAID T35 Training Program

  October 2022 - Viral Prevalence in Chinese Swine  / Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever with Dr. Bente / Monkeypox Outbreak with Dr. Kobinger

  September 2022 - Enteropathogenic E. coli   with Dr. Torres / The Importance of Science Communication

  August 2022 - Viral Prevalence in Chinese Swine  / Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever with Dr. Bente/Monkeypox Outbreak with Dr. Kobinger

  July 2022 - COVID-19 Precautions and Consequences/Marine Viruses / Rickettsia Research with Dr. Blanton

  June 2022 - Studying Viruses in Isolated Bat Populations / Arboviruses with Dr. Weaver / Improving Migrant Farmworker Healthcare/Fasciola hepatica   Grant

  May 2022 - Virtual One Health Experience / New UTMB Public and Population Health School /  One Health Reflection by Dr. Dacso / Albert Schweitzer Fellow Award

  April 2022 - Identifying Novel Coronaviruses / Importance of OH / New One Health Graphic & Website

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