Pediatric Ambulatory Community Selective


Students are encouraged to seek continuing feedback from their preceptors during the rotation, particularly at the mid-rotation point.

This selective is evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis. The final grade will be based on two sources:

  • Preceptor’s evaluation of student performance and participation

  • Course Directors' evaluation of submitted modules.

link here for a copy of the evaluation form

Students are required to complete evaluations of the course, the community site, and preceptor

Appeals of course grades follow the School of Medicine Appeals Policy 7.1.18 as outlined in the Institutional Handbook of Policies and Procedures.  Course grades must be appealed in writing to the Course Director within ten working days from the time that the grade is made available. An appeals committee will render a decision on the student’s appeal within ten days of meeting to discuss the appeal.  Further appeals of this decision again follow the SOM Appeals Policy (see Institutional Handbook).

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