Pediatric Ambulatory Community Selective


Prior to arriving in the community, you should take these steps

In the week before the rotation begins, you should take these steps:

Review this syllabus in its entirety. If you miss this step, you will miss something important.

Contact the practice (practice manager or preceptor) to confirm you are coming and determine the expected arrival time on the first Monday

Contact the course directors by email if you have any questions.  



One to two half-days spent with the practice manager (aka office manager) and nursing staff.

Learn about community agencies serving children, youth and/or families. 

WIC.  You are expected to learn what is WIC and how is this agency important to a pediatric practice. You may want to visit a WIC program. Negotiate with your preceptor for a time to do so.


One other agency/organization. You are expected to learn about one other agency/organization which serves children, youth and families in the community in which you are completing your Pedi ACS. Your preceptor may have ideas. You may want to visit an agency. Negotiate with your preceptor for a time to do so.


No more than one 1/2 day per week (4 half-days total) can be scheduled for reading, studying, or completion of assignments; and these must occur at the practice site.
Saturday or evening work can be substituted for a weekdays, but only for clinical activity or community activity, not for reading-study-module work.
Link here for the absence policy.



Submission to the Preceptor

It is expected that you will submit to the community preceptor at least one clinic note per day.

Submission to the Course Directors

Send to both Course Directors, Gayani Silva and Melissa Smith-Phillips, and to ACS Coordinator, Brian Sullivan;;

About Me. By 9:00 PM Friday of Week 1</>

    • Tell us something about yourself, and your plans on graduation from medical school
    • Tell us about your first week's experience
    • Have you chosen the community agency about which you intend to learn more?

Clinic Note.
By 9:00 PM Friday of Week 2

Healthcare Systems. By 9:00 PM Friday of Week 3

A Pediatric Practice. Also by 9:00 PM Friday of Week 3

Community Agencies. By 9:00 PM Tuesday of Week 4

We recommend that by the end of DAY ONE,
you have read all the questions for all the submissions,
so you will have an idea of what to be looking out for.