Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Program

Program Goal

The Graduate Program in Pharmacology and Toxicology is geared toward students seeking a Ph.D., and also accommodates those interested in a combined MD/PhD program. Our ultimate goal is to train students to

  • ask fundamental questions concerning important biochemical, cellular, and behavioral processes;
  • explore how these processes are altered by disease, development, aging, drug use and toxin exposure,
  • discover how these untoward processes can be prevented or treated by drugs,
  • to synthesize new chemical entities with therapeutic potential and discover new methods by which these can be delivered

A particular strength of our program is the broad spectrum of biological systems studied. This diversity provides rich training opportunities for the next generation of scientists interested in disease and drug mechanisms, as well as drug targets and delivery.

This program boasts graduates in a wide variety of responsible positions within academia, research institutes, government laboratories, and industry. Current employment opportunities are especially bright for trainees with the expertise in integrating information from molecular/cellular and whole-animal studies. 

Finally, with unprecedented opportunities for new drug discovery and development resulting from the Human Genome Project, pharmacologists and toxicologists will remain in great demand.  Their ability to translate fundamental principles of genomics and structural biology, biochemistry, and cell biology into new therapeutic approaches and ultimately, into viable therapeutic molecules is pivotal to the future of biomedical science.