Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Animal Incident Reporting

All individuals have the duty and responsibility to report concerns they may have or may have observed with the care and use of research animals at UTMB. The IACUC has the responsibility to review and if warranted investigate such concerns.

UTMB has a number of mechanisms in place to report your concerns.

Animals that appear to be in immediate distress must be reported directly to an ARC Veterinarian.

Reporting adverse or unexpected outcomes during or immediately after experimentation. IACUC Policy #27 Reporting Adverse or Unexpected Outcomes

IACUC Animal Incident Report Form - UTMB Login Required

Reporting complaints and concerns regarding animal care. IACUC Policy #23 Reporting Complaints and Concerns Regarding the Care and Use of Animals in Research

To report anonymously:
UTMB Fraud, Abuse and Privacy hotline: (800) 898-7679

Animal Safety Assurance System

For those persons who report concerns, UTMB has a Non-Retaliation Policy that all employees, students, and volunteers who report those concerns will have protection from retaliation. Institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures Policy 03.02.09

You may also make a direct report to:

UTMB Attending Veterinarian: (409) 772-1291
ARC Veterinarian
IACUC Director: (409) 266-3352
IACUC Chair: (409) 747-3098
Institutional Official: (409) 266-9295