DEA Controlled Substance Applications and Information

Applications must be made with the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for work with controlled substances.

DEA Diversion Control Division

DEA Form 225 Application through U.S. Postal Service

DEA Inventory Requirements

Suggested Substance Record of Use Form

Suggested Controlled Substance Biennial Inventory Form

Hints for Completing DEA Form 225

  • In order to be exempt from payment of the application fee, Section 6: Exemption from Application Fee, must be filled out on the online form or the paper form. The Registration Unit in Washington, DC will confirm exempt status after submission. Be sure to include accurate contact information in case the Registration Unit has further questions concerning exempt status.
  • In Section 1, the “Point of Contact” should be the person to whom questions regarding the application should be directed.
  • Texas no longer issues state licenses for controlled substances. Enter all zeros for state license number on forms. Renewal forms will prepopulate the form with the previous state license number. Simply replace with all zeros. This is for researchers only.
  • Questions for DEA application should be directed to the Houston office: (800) 743-0595 or (713) 693-3660.
  • The DEA Investigator processing your application may request additional information after receiving your application.
  • Registrations must be renewed every three years.
  • The DEA will send an electronic reminder that renewal is due. The notice will go to the email address associated with the DEA registration. Renewal notices will no longer be sent by paper mail.
  • If a renewal application is submitted in a timely manner prior to expiration, the registrant may continue operations, authorized by the registration, beyond the expiration date until final action is taken on the application.
  • DEA allows the reinstatement of an expired registration for one calendar month after the expiration date. If the registration is not renewed within that calendar month, an application for a new DEA registration will be required.
  • Regardless of whether a registration is reinstated within the calendar month after expiration, federal law prohibits the handling of controlled substances or List 1 chemicals for any period of time under an expired registration.