Group of Children

Research Opportunities 


The Texas Childhood Trauma Research Network (UTMB IRB: 20-0200; PI: Cody Dodd, PhD) and The Texas Youth Depression and Suicide Research Network (UTMB IRB: 20-0215; PI: Melissa Defilippis, MD) are interested in speaking with children and adolescents who have gone through some difficult experiences. Participation involves a series of surveys and interviews about physical and mental health completed over the course of two years.

Youth may be eligible to if they:

  • Are between the ages of 8 - 20 years, inclusive;
  • Have a history of a traumatic event exposure, depression, OR suicidality;
  • Are able to dedicate time to six virtual OR in-person assessments; and
  • Speak English or Spanish

Participants will be compensated up to $475 for their time.

Patient and providers can contact the research team for more information: or (409) 747-8350. To have the research team contact you, please complete this form.