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Radiology department 

  • Vacation and sick days are accrued. 

  • House staff accrue 8 hours of vacation for each month involved. After two years, the employee accrues 9 hours of vacation time per month worked. 

  • House Staff accrue 8 hours of sick leave each month. It is the resident’s responsibility to notify the Chief Residents, their Faculty and the Program Coordinator of sick leave time taken. 

  • All necessary paperwork for leave of any kind will be handled by the Program Coordinator. Forms are located in the residents’ lounge near the mailboxes and in the Program Coordinator’s office. 

  • No House Staff member is allowed to be out of the department without proper paperwork for any amount of time. 

  • All daily scheduling is done by the Chief Residents subject to approval of the Program Director. Monthly rotations are reported yearly by the Program Coordinator to the American Board of Radiology. A resident in Diagnostic Radiology must have completed 48 months in the program by the end of the 4th year in order to be eligible for board certification. 

  • FMLA: Please refer to page 27 of the house staff manual. 


  • Educational leave 

  • Educational leave is granted when the house staff member will be away from the University/Department for other than vacation or sick leave. ONLY the Program Director can grant this leave. 

  • Fill out the form and return to program coordinator(see above) 


  • Research conference stipend 

  • The opportunity to participate in research projects, RSNA, ARRS, AUR meetings, moonlighting, etc., will be available to residents who are interested in such activities and maintain a level of academic progress sufficient to allow for such time expenditure. The department may reimburse residents (up to $2000) for travel expenses if they present a paper or poster at such national meetings. 

  • If a House Staff member is invited to present a paper or exhibit at a conference (such at RSNA, AUR, etc.), the Program Director may approve attendance and the duration of the stay.  

  • Paperwork will be handled by the Program Coordinator. 

  • All travel requests and paperwork must be submitted well in advance for review by the Chief Resident and Program Coordinator.  

  • Firm travel arrangements must not be made until the appropriate forms have been approved. The Program Coordinator must secure all flight arrangements. If travel arrangements are made by the house staff, they WILL NOT be reimbursed. 


  • A book fund of $750 dollars is provided per academic year. 

  • Receipt of a book fund or a board review stipend is contingent on the following: 

  1. The resident should have 80% or greater Noon Conference attendance rate 

  1. The resident should not have an unacceptable number of unexcused absences 

  1. The resident should have satisfactory evaluation scores 

  • The funds will be distributed in two $375 increments, the first at the start of the academic year, the second in January. 

  •  Books may be purchased in one of two ways: 

  1. Through the Program Coordinator via the UTMB Bookstore—no money out of pocket 

  1. Through any online website of your choosing. The original receipt must accompany any reimbursement request. Books purchased via the web are to be paid for by personal credit card and after delivery will be reimbursed through the proper UTMB procedures. Any sales tax added to online orders WILL NOT be reimbursed as the University is a tax-exempt organization. Shipping and handling charges are reimbursable. 

  • Upper level residents are allotted $2500 total to attend an accredited Board Review Course. The necessary paperwork will be handled by the Program Coordinator. 

  • The AIRP Course registration fee ($1800) will be paid by the Department for those residents wishing to attend. The Department will provide $2500 stipend for housing, etc. Because of very strict registration procedures, the Program Coordinator will handle the application and all the paperwork.  


  • Other Benefits 

  • Brant and Helms textbooks are provided for incoming first years. 

  • One new lab coats is issued each year 

  • Each resident is issued a meal card provided by the Graduate Medical Education Office —as of June 1, 2018 and subject to change). This money can be used at any of the UTMB eating places.