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The field of Rehabilitation Science encompasses basic and applied aspects of the health sciences, social science and engineering as they relate to restoring human functional capacity and improving a person's interactions with the surrounding environment. Established in 2001, the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences at UTMB developed an infrastructure to support research related to rehabilitation, disability and recovery. Programs include a respected PhD program, career training and development, funding opportunities for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, and infrastructure for large data research and data sharing.

Facts & Figures

There are 8 students currently enrolled in the Rehabilitation Sciences PhD program and 2 fellows completing postdoctoral training. To date, 33 PhD degrees have been conferred and 41 fellows have completed postdoctoral training. Students and Postdoctoral Trainees have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of research activities in Rehabilitation Sciences through our programs.

2018 News

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The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), in collaboration with the University of Florida (UF) and University of Southern California (USC), is seeking Occupational and Physical Therapy scholars to train in the Rehabilitation Research Career Development (RRCD) Program.The goal of the program is to provide scholars with the skills and research experience necessary to become independent investigators and future academic and scientific leaders in their professions. Read more: K12 Position Description & Requirements / Online Application.

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The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) is recruiting an Associate Professor in the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences, School of Health Professions (SHP). The division administratively supports the PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences, which is part of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. The division also recruits postdoctoral fellows who engage in rehabilitation and disability research. A strong interdisciplinary relationship exists with other schools, centers, and departments on campus, as well as local clinical facilities and UTMB hospitals. Read more: Associate Professor Job Description & apply.

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Rehabilitation Sciences Assistant Professor Monique Pappadis, MEd, PhD has been named an Elite Reviewer for Archives of PM&R Journal for 2017.

Elite status designation reflects the number, timeliness, and quality of reviews for the Archives in 2017 as judged by the editors. Selection reflects critical thinking and effective participation in the process of peer review. After examining the performance of reviewers, approximately 3 percent of reviewers (97 people out of 2,985 reviewers who submitted 1,730 reviews in 2017) were judged to be deserving of this recognition.
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Rehabilitation Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow Annalisa Na, PT, PhD, DPT, OCS is a recipient of a Fellowship for Geriatric Research for 2018 from the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy. This program seeks to recognize outstanding new investigators committed to geriatric physical therapy, and support them in pursuing research in geriatric physical therapy.
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