Human Health and Performance

National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Johnson Space Center (NASA-JSC). Multi-disciplinary support is provided in a variety of areas, including medical operations, occupational health, behavioral health, and scientific research. UTMB has many years of experience in providing board-certified physicians in medical specialties such as Aerospace Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry. UTMB physicians are assigned to the contract and, in collaboration with KBR, develop medical requirements and medical operations procedures for the International Space Station (ISS), and support research at the Johnson Space Center.

Our Services

Medical Operations

UTMB physicians provide services to KBR and NASA, including monitoring, safety oversight, and medical care for NASA astronauts, families, and staff at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia; Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan; and other related facilities. Many of the flight surgeons who support medical operations in Russia also provide direct medical support to astronauts during ISS missions. Physicians are certified to work in the Mission Control Center in Houston, and also support NASA with commercial crew training, launches, and landings.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health and performance is part of the comprehensive care in support of spaceflight operations. UTMB psychiatrists and psychologists play a valuable role in advising, administering, and performing professional and scientific work including prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and referral in aerospace psychiatry. UTMB personnel are also involved in ground-based analog projects. Additionally, assistance is provided with various aspects of mission preparation, in-flight services, and post-flight recovery for crews and their families of ISS and other missions.

NASA Human Research Program

The Human Research Program is dedicated to discovering the best methods and technologies to support safe, productive human space travel. A variety of research scientists are employed by UTMB in support of the HRP mission. This includes investigatory endeavors in a number of areas such as human factors, medical risk assessment and system design, food science, and advanced medical technologies.

Current Job Openings

The following represent the current job openings within the UTMB Aerospace Medicine Program

A token of thanks to all our HHP personnel for their continued support of the NASA/KBR mission:

Yael R. Barr, MD, MPH

Rebecca S. Blue, MD, MPH

Keith E. Brandt, MD, MPH

Natacha G. Chough, MD, MPH

Richard W. Cole, MD, MPH

Leisa Deutsch, MD

Quinn A. Dufurrena, MD, MPH

Charles H. Dukes, MD

Chad Faber, DO

William L. Fernandez, MD, MPH

Eric L. Kerstman, MD, MPH

Amy J. Kreykes, MD, MPH

Jennifer T. Law, MD, MPH

Dana R. Levin, MD, MPH

Carlos A. Navarro, MD, MPH

Ariana M. Nelson, MD

Derek M. Nusbaum, MD, PhD, MPH

Prashant Parmar, MD

Shean E. Phelps, MD, MPH

David J. Picken, MD, MPH

Mason Powell

Kristi Ray, DO, MPH

Martin B. Robinette, PhD, AuD

Kimberly A. Seaton, PhD

Mark Sheehan, MD, MPH

Jonathan Steller, MD

Emily R. Stratton, DO, MPH

Corey A. Theriot, PhD

Ann H. Tsung, MD, MPH

William E. Valencia, MD, MPH

Simone Willingham, MD

Sara R. Zwart, PhD