Stanley J. Watowich, PhD Professor

Stanley J. Watowich, PhDDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
623 Basic Science Bldg
Route: 0645 | Tel: (409) 747-4749 | Fax: (409) 747-4745 |


Students and post-docs in my laboratory are (1) studying the structure and assembly of RNA enveloped viruses, (2) working to discover of novel drugs and drug targets to combat infectious diseases, and (3) constructing a quantitative mechanistic model to completely describe receptor tyrosine kinase activation and signaling. Unifying these projects is a desire to understand the structural and biophysical principles that regulate complex biomolecular interactions, and to predictably modulate those interactions responsible for disease states. Progress towards these ends is achieved from combining structural, biochemical, biophysical, genomic, proteomic, and molecular biology approaches.