Research Overview

While it is true that one may learn more by spending an hour in the library than an hour in the lab, experimental science only advances through the creation of new knowledge, and it is the laboratory where such advances occur. The SBB laboratories extend beyond the domains of individual research groups through core laboratories containing such instrumentation as cryo-electron microscopy, x-ray crystallography, high field nuclear magnetic resonance instrumentation (800, 750, and 600 MHz), computational resources (multiple computer clusters and custom software), mass spectrometry, expression core labs, proteomics and many other resources. On the this page and the facilities pages, you will find many examples of experimental and computational research, broad in scope and enlightening in depth. The overall intellectual environment, enabling technology and stimulating atmosphere makes SBB a great place to live and learn. If you already have a PhD, you will also find it a good place for your career development.

We take pride in the professional stature of our faculty as well as the extensive breadth of research areas they cover. While the individual SBB faculty members are highly accomplished in their own right, their interactions and collaborations in teaching and research make the whole much greater than the sum of the parts. It is this that makes a faculty outstanding.