Stipend, Benefits & Housing

Stipend, Tuition & Insurance

Structural Biology and Biophysics Track currently provides a generous stipend to all students in the program, matching what is paid across the country. In addition to the stipend the students receive a benefits package, which includes health insurance and tuition both of which are covered.

Cost of Living

Galveston is part of the Houston-Galveston metropolitan area and has one of the lowest costs of living in the country. The graduate student stipend you receive in Galveston goes a long way. For instance, it costs more than twice as much to live in New York/San Francisco relative to Galveston and at least 50% more to live in Chicago/Boston/Los Angeles relative to Galveston. Also, housing costs in Galveston are amongst the lowest in the country. Check out the following cost of living calculators:


Housing cost in Galveston are among the lowest in the country. Being an island it's easy to find an apartment close to the beautiful beach and the inland lakes and lagoons for a relatively cheap price.

The University area offers a lot of housing options ranging from modern apartment complexes to restored Victorian mansions and cottages. There are a number of apartment complexes and houses for rent within walking distance. Also for those who would like to stay close to the beach or inland lakes, the west end of the island offers a wide range of beach houses and lakeside apartments.

For more information about housing in Galveston, please visit UTMB Living.