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Volunteer for Research on AgingImprove the future of health for everyone by participating 

Researchers in Galveston studying physical function, strength, and recovery from illness are recruiting adult subjects for their studies.

Study volunteers can learn more about their own health by participating in clinical trials. Join our mailing list to receive a quarterly newsletter with information about clinical trials, community events, volunteer opportunities, and research on aging news from UTMB.

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Current Studies

Clinical Trials

  • Caregiver and Patient Support Study (CAPSS)

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    Are you a caregiver of or someone diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementia? Participate in an interview to create a screening tool to help protect older adults and improve referral for services. Interested? Contact: Lisa Thibodeaux, BSN, RNC-OB, Research Nurse II at (409) 747-1756 or Download flyer:

      Learn more about CAPSS

  • CHALLENGE (The UTMB Health Challenge Study)

    photo of hands holding a cell phone, The CHALLENGE Study

    UTMB Health Challenge Study - You may be eligible if you have a smartphone and are a woman aged 65 – 85, interested in how technology may increase physical activity, and are able to read and understand English. Interested? Contact: Lakesha Golliday at (409) 266-9630 or Download flyer:

      Learn more about the CHALLENGE Study

  • GRIPS (Geriatric Recovery Using Inpatient and Post-hospitalization Supplementation)

    photo of hand with medical bracelet, supplements, and testing equipment

    The Sealy Center on Aging is seeking volunteers ages 65 and older who are currently hospitalized for a study on in-hospital and post-hospitalization nutritional supplementation. For further information please contact Shawn Goodlett at (409) 266-7590 or Download flyer

      Learn more about the GRIPS study

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Study

    Postmenopausal Female Volunteers Needed for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Study. Help us better understand barriers to the management of PCOS and the metabolic risks of PCOS across the lifespan. Interested? Contact Mariel Miller at (409)210-9134 or Download flyer:

      Learn more about the PCOS Study

  • Vascular Mechanobiology (Blood Draw) Study

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    Volunteer for Research: Vascular mechanobiology (blood draw) study. Help us better understand how platelets in our blood work and develop better treatments for blood clots leading to stroke and heart attack. Interested? Contact Misbahud Din at or 409-772-9754.

    Download flyer:

      Learn more about the Blood Draw Study