Suresh K. Bhavnani, PhD
Professor, Biomedical Informatics
Department of Biostatics & Data Science

Physical address:
UHC, Suite 4.208
1005 Harborside Drive
Galveston, TX

Mailing address:
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-1150

Phone Number: 409-772-1928

  • Dr. Bhavnani is professor of biomedical informatics, senior fellow at the Sealy Center on Aging, member of the Institute for Translational Sciences, and adjunct faculty at the School of Biomedical Informatics in UT Houston.

    Dr. Bhavnani obtained a PhD in Computational Design and Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and specializes in network visualization and analysis of biomedical data, with translation to the design of decision-support systems. As PI of the Discovery and Innovation through Visual Analytics (DIVA) lab at UTMB, his research has received five distinguished paper awards in biomedical informatics from the American Medical Informatics Association. In addition, he has received an outstanding research mentorship award from the University of Michigan, the Rising STARs award from the University of Texas Systems, the Outstanding Paper Award at the Science of Team Science conference, and the Educator of the Month award from the Academy of Master Teachers at UTMB. Bhavnani is PI of grants from PCORI, CDC, the AGING Initiative and the Institute for Human Infections and Immunity, and Co-PI/Co-I of grants from NSF and NIH.

    • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Biomedical Informatics
    • UT Health Science Center in Houston
    • Discovery and Innovation through Visual Analytics (DIVA Lab)


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