Alejandro Villasante-Tezanos, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics & Data Science

Physical address:
UHC, Suite 4.208
1005 Harborside Drive
Galveston, TX

Mailing address:
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-1150

Phone: (409) 772-9144
Fax: (409) 772-5272

  • Alejandro Villasante-Tezanos, PhD is assistant professor working at the Office of Biostatistics. He serves as statistical consultant at the Galveston National Laboratory and is a statistical advisor for the Institute for Translational Science at UTMB serving in the Clinical Trials Studio committee. He is member of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). He has collaborated for a wide spectrum of grants and peer-reviewed publications with different roles including first author. He has also presented at international statistical meetings and has broad experience in statistical methods including case reports, survey analyses, omics analyses, clinical trials and observational studies.

    Curriculum Vitae - CV

    • BS, Statistics, Universidad Miguel Hernandez, 2001
    • MSc, Statistics, Universidad Miguel Hernandez, 2004
    • MSc, Statistics, University of Kentucky, 2014
    • PhD, Statistics, University of Kentucky, 2019
    • Clinical Trials
    • Nonparametric statistics
    • Large dimensions
    • Department of Biostatistics and Data Science
    • Office of Biostatistics