Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) on Cancer in Texas (CERCIT) Seminar

Data Management and Analysis Core Seminar Series

The Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC), Office of Biostatistics, and Department of Biostatistics & Data Science will host the CERCIT seminar on the 4th Tuesday of each quarter. Topics includes introduction of CER databases, analytical methodologies, and application of innovative methods on CER. These one-hour seminars are comprised of 45-50mins of research presentation and 15-10mins of Q&A's.

Upcoming Seminar

Seminar: Regression Discontinuity Designs
Date: October 31st, 2023

Speaker: Rocio Titiunik, PhD
Professor of Politics,
Department of Politics,
Princeton University

Past Seminars

Seminar:DateSpeakerLink to SlidesLink to Recording

Statistical Modeling of Longitudinal Medical Cost Trajectory

July 25, 2023Shikun Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics, Columbia University

Passcode: DXx*5H^J



Structural Equation Modeling Basics in the Health Sciences

April 25, 2023Carol Carman, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Biostatistics & Data Science and Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Link to slides

Passcode: G=+0H.I#

Propensity Score Analysis with Covariate Balance Guarantee January 24, 2023Liang Li, PhD Professor
Department of Biostatistics
MD Anderson Cancer Center
DMAC (Data Management and Analysis Core)
CERCIT Seminar Series Comparative Effectiveness Research in Cancer Care
October 20, 2022James S. Goodwin, MD
George and Cynthia Mitchell
Distinguished Chair in Geriatric Medicine
Sealy Center on Aging