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The Data Management and Analysis Core for Comparative Effectiveness Research on Cancer in Texas


Study Design Team

The Study Design Team is composed of senior investigators with extensive experience in conducting CER research. (Drs. Giordano, Goodwin, Kuo, and Lopez)

Statistics Analysis

The Statistics Analysis team includes highly qualified statisticians who adopt and develop innovative analytical approaches for cancer CER. With the Study Design Team, these teams provide study design and statistical analysis consultations to users and mentor to pilot awardees. (Drs. Jupiter, Kuo, Lee, Yu, Wang)

Data Management

The Data Management team is composed of 4 masters-level biostatisticians, all with experience in large administrative databases. This team provides programming and data management support for data extraction and analytic file generation, and conduct statistics analyses. One of them will be responsible for data requests and user agreements. (Digbeu, Gao, Polychronopoulou, Shan, Westra)

Coordination & Editing

The coordination & Editing team helps in preparation of Data Use Agreements (DUA) and editing of proposals and papers. (Cline, Toombs Smith)

Contact Us

Monica Cline, Research Project Coordinator
Phone: (409) 772-6355
Fax:  (409) 772-5272
Email:  mjcline@utmb.edu 
Mailing address:
UHC Building 4.530
301 University Blvd.
Galveston, Texas 77555-1150

Last updated: January 10, 2024