Department of Biostatistics & Data Science

Office of Biostatistics Services

  • Design Support
    Includes producing power calculations, determining sample size, designing studies that minimize the effects of measurement and experimental error, and identifying appropriate methods for data collection, summary and analysis.
  • Adaptation and Development
    Includes quantitative research that will produce improved methods and procedures to collect, manage, analyze and interpret biomedical data.  This usually occurs during a long-term collaboration between a UTMB researcher and a member of the Office of Biostatistics.
  • Software Support
    The OBIOS provides support for the computer package SAS® and GraphPad Prism. Both are statistical software with extensive data management capabilities. The OBIOS also maintains and supports ArcGIS, a mapping and spatial analysis program; and TreeAge, a visual modeling tool for building and analyzing decision trees for cost-effectiveness analyses.
  • Database Design
    Includes developing project specific systems for data acquisition, scheduling, and modification. Data management includes maintaining data bases and preparing databases for analysis. Data analysis includes identifying and applying appropriate numerical procedures to allow valid statistical inferences.
  • Special Services
    Are available to assist with the conceptualization, formulation, design, use and codification of these data gathering tools.  Pilot testing, training, operational evaluation and analytic support can be obtained on a project specific basis.
  • Clinformatics DataMart
    The OBIOS maintains an insurance claims data base, Clinformatics DataMart, which contains the medical and pharmacy claims for more than 56 million enrollees, for academic training and research purposes. This database offers numerous opportunities for researchers who are interested in population studies. However, this type of database may require experienced programming, study design and analytic support. Contact Dr. Baillargeon ( for more information.