Office of Biostatistics Statistical Consulting Information

Office of Biostatistics Grant Service

Welcome to the UTMB Office of Biostatistics (OBIOS) Grant Development Service! We offer statistical support to faculty, staff, and students at UTMB, working on various aspects of study design and data analysis.

OBIOS does not, in general, provide preliminary analysis of data in the process of grant preparation. Such assistance will be provided at the usual OBIOS consulting service rates.

What to Expect as a Client

  • Initial meeting to discuss grant submission and collaboration goals
  • Responsive and communicative collaborator
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate deadlines and project needs
  • Assistance in developing and presenting statistical methods for grant submissions
  • Potential for continued collaboration on funded grants

Biostatistics Collaborator Expectations

  • Awareness of OBIOS grant preparation policies
  • In-person initial discussion about grant application scope
  • Submission of specific aims page and timely initial planning meetings
  • Flexibility regarding methods and software choices
  • Provision of final grant submission and review summary sheets

OBIOS aims to provide high-quality statistical and scientific output for UTMB. Adhering to these expectations ensures a smooth and efficient research process. For further questions or concerns, please see our Grant Service Policy or contact the Director of OBIOS