Graduate Certificates

  • Public Health - MPH Certificate

    Public Health is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary field focused on the prevention of disease and disability and the promotion of health in communities and populations.

    Our 14 credit hour certificate is ideal for individuals interested in learning the basic skills and concepts of public health to enhance a current degree program and/or to expand job opportunities. It can be completed in three semesters by enrolling in 7 credit hours in the fall, 4 credit hours in the spring and enrolling in 3 credit hours in the summer. The curriculum is similar to the core curriculum taught in the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree programs; therefore, the certificate can be used as an entry point for the MPH degree. Course credits will transfer to the MPH program if completed within 5 years of acceptance to the MPH program.

    Who Should Get the Certificate?

    • UTMB students, fellows, and faculty seeking to enhance their public health knowledge.
    • Degree-seeking students can earn the certificate through concurrent enrollment, often without adding any additional time to their degree program.
    • Public health professionals who desire formal graduate training but are unable to commit to the MPH program.
    • Public and private sector employees who work with the public health system and want to increase their understanding of public health.
    • Individuals considering a graduate degree in public health.

    Course Credits Term available

    CourseCreditsTerm Available
    Analytical Methods in Public Health 4Fall
    Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation3Fall
    Policy and Equity4Spring
    Applied Public Health Leadership3Summer
  • Bioethics and Health Humanities – BHH Certificate

    The graduate certificate in Bioethics and Health Humanities is designed for students and professionals in healthcare related fields interested in developing knowledge and skills to navigate the complex ethical and humanistic situations they face.

    A certificate in Bioethics and Health Humanities provides:

    • New knowledge in bioethics and health humanities
    • Understandings of methodological approaches in bioethics and health humanities
    • Skills in applying bioethics and health humanities expertise to diverse professional settings
    • Knowledge of history, social movements, literature, theory, and regulations relevant to professional settings
    • Skills in critical analysis and communication of complex issues and arguments for multiple audiences.

    The 12-credit hour certificate (4 classes) consists of coursework taken over one or more terms. There are no required classes, which grant students the flexibility to tailor the program to their specific interests. For example, physical therapists and occupational therapists may be especially interested Disability Ethics, while biomedical scientists might consider Research Ethics.

    You may choose any combination of four courses to complete 12 credit hours.

    Law and HealthScience and Technology StudiesPediatric Ethics
    Literature and HealthResearch EthicsGlobal Health
    Cultural Perspectives in HealthPublic Health EthicsNeuroethics
    Clinical EthicsCritical Theory and HealthEthics of Scientific Research (1 credit)
    Narratives of IllnessDeath and DyingResearch Ethics Practicum (2 credits)
    Justice and HealthReproductive EthicsClinical Ethics Consultation Practicum
    Special Topics

    Admission Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in health sciences or health related field
    • GPA of 2.75 – last 60 hours of coursework
    • Evidence of academic writing in previous qualifications or professional settings
  • Global Health and Emerging Diseases – Global Health Certificate

    The UTMB School Public and Population Health is pleased to offer a Graduate Certificate in Global Health. This competency-based program is designed to introduce a variety of learners to fundamental concepts in the practice of global health such as:

    • Global health and international development theory
    • International health systems and governance
    • Interprofessional training and research
    • Ethics of global and community engagement
    • Policy analysis and program implementation
    • One Health and emerging disease epidemiology

    Each semester we offer a range of courses on topics from across the fields of Global Health and Emerging Diseases. This certificate may be of interest to trainees or other health professionals working in research, clinical, or public health settings. Our Global Health courses include:

    • Global Health & International Development (Fall)
    • Global Health Governance & Diplomacy (Fall or Summer)
    • Global Health Policy, Practice, and Delivery (Spring)
    • One Health – People, Animals, Plants, and our Shared Environment (Spring Term)
    • Global Health Rotation (Spring or Summer Term)
    • Interdepartmental Electives

    Certificate Course Plan

    A certificate requires at least 12 course credits which can either be taken part time as one course per term (four terms) or as quickly as 2 terms if applicants have greater flexibility. Each course will include reading work, class time, and assessments.  Departmental course offerings are face-to-face in the Department of Global Health and Emerging Diseases (4th floor, UHC building) on the UTMB campus and generally consist of once-weekly 2–3-hour sessions.  Elective courses meet according to the host Department’s schedule and may vary. Applicants must take the fall and spring core courses and choose one of the two electives. They can then choose from a variety of courses for their elective time or can participate in an international rotation if desired.

    Admission Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in health sciences or health related field
    • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0
    • Evidence of academic writing in previous qualifications or professional settings.

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