Public Health - MPH Certificate

Public Health is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary field focused on the prevention of disease and disability and the promotion of health in communities and populations.

Our 14 credit hour certificate is ideal for individuals interested in learning the basic skills and concepts of public health to enhance a current degree program and/or to expand job opportunities. It can be completed in two semesters by enrolling in 5 credit hours in the fall and enrolling in 9 credit hours in the spring. The curriculum is similar to the core curriculum taught in the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree programs; therefore, the certificate can be used as an entry point for the MPH degree. Course credits will transfer to the MPH program if completed within 5 years of acceptance to the MPH program.

Who Should Get the Certificate?

  • UTMB students, fellows, and faculty seeking to enhance their public health knowledge.
  • Degree-seeking students can earn the certificate through concurrent enrollment, often without adding any additional time to their degree program.
  • Public health professionals who desire formal graduate training but are unable to commit to the MPH program.
  • Public and private sector employees who work with the public health system and want to increase their understanding of public health.
  • Individuals considering a graduate degree in public health.

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