School of Medicine Community Engaged Public Health Scholarly Concentration

The Community Engaged Public Health Scholarly Concentration provides medical students interested in community and public health issues with focused training within the four-year Integrated Medical Curriculum.

Community Engaged Public Health Scholarly Concentration courses and activities guide students in developing knowledge, skills, and values regarding:

  • Structure and functions of public health systems
  • Physician’s role in public health practice
  • Social and structured determinants of health
  • Public health practice and research

Upon successful completion of scholarly concentration requirements, students will earn the designation Scholar of Community Engaged Public Health. This designation is noted on the student's medical school transcript, as well as during the commencement ceremony.

Concentration Requirements

    • PMCU XXXX (TBA Preclinical Preceptorship): this is our first-year preclinical preceptorship that students take during the second 4 weeks of the summer block after MS1 courses are over (typically around June). This course introduces students to a variety of services/resources that meet health needs outside of health care and introduces basic public health topics/principles (environmental health, social determinants, systems thinking, etc.).
    • PMCU 4001 (Public Health in the Community): this is a 4-week rotation that students complete with a local health department or other health organization/agency. The rotation may include some clinical work but will focus on meeting the needs of the communities or clients the organization or agency serves. This is taken during 4th year.
    • PMCU 4020 (BSHS Community Engaged Public Health): this is a 4-week research course where students work with a faculty mentor on a research-oriented project and submit a final paper. This is taken during 4th year.
  • Participation Hours: The Community Engaged Public Health Concentration requires at least 12 hours of participation in seminars, activities, webinars, etc. These 12 hours can be completed at any time during a students’ course of study at UTMB.  These hours need to be logged to count towards this requirement.
  • Other requirements: Two other electives, AIs, or clerkships that students complete as part of the SOM curriculum count towards Community Engaged Public Health concentration credit. These two courses should involve working with an underserved population, in an underserved area, or be related to public health, community health, and/or primary care.
  • Presentation:  Students in the Community Engaged Public Health must present at either the annual Public Health Symposium or the annual Global Health Symposium.
  • Concentration Application: To officially join the Community Engaged Public Health concentration, students must fill out the application found here: Concentration Application Form. The application should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete. Previous community or public health experience is not a requirement to join the concentration. That question is included in the application so concentration contacts can learn more about the students they are working with. Students must apply no later than February 1 of MS1.


Course Directors:

  • Dr. Premal Patel (until June 30, 2024)
  • Dr. Cara Pennel (until June 30, 2024)
  • Dr. Sarah Siddiqui (starting July 1, 2024)
  • Dr. Robert Rodriguez (starting July, 2024)


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Tawny Stromberg

Tawny Stromberg
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