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Accounts Payable: Accounts Payables Forms

Specialty Service
For approval of payments for services provided by members of UT-System or UT- Board of Regents

Business Entertainment
To accompany NPO Voucher or Expense Report submission for Business Entertainment expenses

Institutional Membership
For justification of state fund expenditures on institutional membership fees/dues

Official Functions Memorandum
For approval of Official Functions exceeding $2,500.00

Non-Resident Alien Supplier Information
To add/modify supplier information related to non-resident aliens

Research Subject Reimbursement
To reimburse individuals for participation in research or simulated patient studies

Non-supplier add/Vendor remit address change
To Add/Change a "Non-Supplier" or "Remit-to Address" in PeopleSoft

Vendor Application
To add a new vendor to the vendor list including W-9 (Vendor must complete)

Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization
For vendors to receive electronic ACH payments (Vendor must complete)

Credit Application Response Letter
Standard Response Letter to credit applications requested by vendors

Non-PO Voucher Cover Page for Employees
Printable Adobe PDF cover page for NPO voucher submission

Order Form for Non-PO Voucher Envelopes
Form to request stock of NPO voucher envelopes

Non-PO Voucher to an Individual or a Sole Proprietor
For departmental use in order to pay Independent Contractors. Must be submitted with each payment request.