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Delivery: Delivery of Materials

Delivery of Material
Location Numbers
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Delivery of Material

After inspection by Central Receiving, our team will make delivery of materials to the requesting department as indicated in the purchase order record. Deliveries to departments are usually made within 24 hours after receipt by Central Receiving. If the delivery is a Materials Management supply order, the delivery is made within 24 hours of the order being received by Materials Management Inventory. Peak receiving periods may extend the delivery time unless special handling is required.

Upon delivery, our driver will be required to obtain the signature of the individual accepting the materials for the requesting department. The number of cartons delivered should be verified against the delivery log before signature.

When the driver leaves, the requesting department should verify the contents of each carton against the purchase order. The driver will not be responsible for opening cartons, stocking shelves, installation or assembly of items received.

Shortages, overages, or incorrect merchandise received must be reported to Central Receiving immediately upon receipt. Please see the Central Receiving website for detailed information. Central Receiving will notify the Purchasing Department of any problems with materials received.

Installation or assembly requirements should be requested on the requisition so that the Purchasing Department may include them in the purchase order to the vendor. Departments may also choose to have installation or assembly performed by the University's Facilities Operations And Management (FOAM). Departments are, however, advised to communicate their requirements to FOAM before submittal of these requisitions to the Purchasing Department.

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Location Numbers

Every room on campus has been assigned a location number, “L” number for short. Location numbers are very important as they tell our drivers where to deliver your materials. Incorrect “L” numbers frequently result in delayed deliveries. Upon delivery, our drivers are required to scan the rooms’ location number, scan the bar code label on each package and obtain a signature for receipt.

Location numbers are located on a bar code sticker label on the center hinge of the door into each room, labels are visible when the door is open.

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Delivery Schedule

The approximate delivery schedule is as follows:
  • Drivers leave the warehouse around 8:30 a.m. to begin deliveries.
  • Drivers return to the warehouse at 10:30 a.m. to check for any new rush deliveries requiring attention.
  • In the early afternoon, rush deliveries are taken to their destinations.
  • The final run for the day begins at 3:00 p.m.

It is important to remember that there are 93 major buildings at UTMB, with approximately 17,000 potential stops for deliveries. Each driver averages approximately 1 box every 4 minutes, and each delivers approximately 150 boxes per day.

Most small shipments will be delivered to the requesting department within 24 hours, while the amount of time for delivery of large shipments may vary. Overnight shipments are generally delivered same day.

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Special Handling

Materials are processed through Central Receiving, and then Delivery on a First In First Out basis unless the nature of the material dictates special handling.

Frozen, refrigerated, or otherwise perishable or sensitive items require special processing and expedited service. Delivery will take every precaution to protect these items, and they will be given priority for timely delivery to the requesting department.

If a department wishes to flag a particular package for priority delivery, please contact Central Receiving at ext. 25340.

Departments are welcome to send representatives to the warehouse to pick up items if they are needed right away.

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If a department needs to inquire about a package that has not yet been delivered, please call:

  • Central Receiving: ext. 25340
  • Delivery: ext. 25327
  • Mail Services: ext. 73268

Please be sure to check with other department members before calling for assistance, to see if another person may have received the items.

When calling to inquire about a package, please have the following information available:

  • Purchase order number, if applicable
  • Name and address of sender
  • Carrier name (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.)
  • Carrier assigned tracking number
  • Department and recipient at UTMB
  • Building, room number, and “L” number where the package is to be delivered
  • Information on who and when a package may have been signed for at UTMB
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Package Tracking

Departments may track the delivery status of package(s) through any of the major carriers:

If your package has been delivered to UTMB, please visit our internal tracking system at this web address:

AtPar Tracking

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Address Changes

Individuals should check UTMB’s online directory to make sure their building and room number fields are correct. If they are not, please access the “Edit” feature when you find your information in the online directory at:

UTMB Online Directory

If your department needs to change the default delivery code in People Soft, please call the Problem Resolution Help Desk at ext. 78025 for instructions.

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