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Shipping Self Service

UTMB has signed an agreement with eShip Global, web-based shipping service available to all UTMB departments, to ship outbound letters and parcels using state-contracted carriers such as FedEx and UPS. eShip Global enables you to manage your shipping needs in one place; maintain a ‘ship to' address book, obtain side-by-side carrier rate comparisons, select the best price, print shipping labels, schedule carrier pick-up, track shipments, and run reports.

To use this self-service program, please click on the e-Shipping Self Service - Logon. Please, make sure to login using your username and not the full UTMB email. If you have issues logging in, you can contact 972-518-1775 or 800-816-1615 (eShip Customer Service).

To learn more about how to navigate the e-Shipping Self-Service website, please review the User Guide and watch step-by-step video instructions here.

For any additional questions regarding the website navigation or Login, email the Supply Chain Management Help Desk or call ext. 78000.

Carrier Supplies
To order supplies from USPS, Lone Star, FedEx, or UPS to use when you ship through eShip Global please email Support@eShipGlobal.com. Indicate carrier name, type and quantity of supplies needed, and your UTMB delivery address, including the L number for the delivery location.


Research Products & Services Market Place

UTMB has signed an agreement with SciQuest, Inc., a provider of hosted and punchout supplier catalogs focused on research products. Under this relationship, we have significantly expanded UTMB's product search and online ordering capabilities.

Using the Market Place allows an end-user to access multiple online catalogs, compare products and pricing, and create a single PeopleSoft eProcurement Punch-out requisition for multiple research products from multiple vendors. Utilizing the Market Place punch-out process to purchase these items increases the end user's authority to create eProcurement DEP requisitions up to $15,000 on any single vendor's purchase order.

Items over $15000 listed on the Market Place are for information purposes only (i.e., price and product comparison). To purchase these items, the end-user must create a PeopleSoft eProcurement Special Request (ACQ) requisition.

Current suppliers available:
Applied Biosystems; BD BioSciences; Bio-Rad Labs; Fisher Scientific/Possible Missions; eBioScience; GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences; Invitrogen; New England BioLabs; PerkinElmer Life & Analytical Sciences; Physician Sales & Service; Pierce Biotechnology; Promega; Qiagen; Roche Diagnostics; and VWR.

Questions or comments you have regarding the Market Place should be directed to the Supply Chain Management/Purchasing Help Desk at the on-campus ext. 78000 or via e-mail

To visit the Marketplace click here: Jaggaer (SciQuest) Contract Manager & Market Place login

Business/Medical Records Forms

Direct Ordering of Medical Laboratory Forms

UTMB has signed an agreement with Moore Wallace North America to provide direct ordering of UTMB approved medical and laboratory forms. Moore Wallace has been added to the growing number of suppliers available for online ordering via the PeopleSoft eProcurement punchout process. Medical and laboratory forms will now be available for ordering via this new punchout process.

Moore Wallace offers an integrated approach for forms catalog order management to the UTMB community, including:

  • one catalog for all medical-related forms
  • item search of all medical-related forms including those forms still available on-campus
  • pricing information, delivery schedule, requisition creation, and order confirmation for direct ordering forms

Any additional questions regarding the eProcurement punchout process should be directed to the Purchasing Help Desk at the on-campus ext. 78000 or via e-mail.

Questions or comments regarding the Moore Wallace agreement should be directed to Cheryl Evans, Sr.  Procurement Team Lead at crevans@utmb.edu.

Herman Miller Office Furniture

Informational Website for Modular Furniture, Case Goods and Seating

UTMB has evaluated various furniture items and has standardized on specific furniture products, styles, colors and manufacturers. Herman Miller has been selected as one of our approved manufacturers. Herman Miller products are purchased under our Novation GPO Contract which offers UTMB significant discounts on this product group.

In an effort to provide our client departments with information that will assist them in their furniture selection, UTMB has collaborated with Herman Miller to develop an informational website that will bring pertinent information directly to your desk top with the click of the mouse. The informational site also provides client departments other valuable information regarding furniture purchases and frequently asked questions, including:

  • Approved furniture products and specifications including color, style and size
  • Illustrations, online brochures and images of approved furniture
  • Modular furniture configurations
  • Pricing information
  • Delivery and lead time information
  • Warranty information
  • Specific product information (for example, How to Adjust Your Chair)
  • UTMB Interiors Managers contact information
  • UTMB Acquisitions contact information
  • Herman Miller Sales Representative contact information

Current Order Process...

  • Departments send a work request to Facilities Operations and Management (FOAM) for furniture related items
  • FOAM assigns the work request to the appropriate personnel
  • Assigned vendor contacts customer
  • The vendor will supply drawing/quotations which will be reviewed by FOAM and sent to the customer
  • The customer will approve drawing/quotations by sending FOAM the FRS number for the purchase
  • The ability for the client department to create a Vendor Service Request for warranty issues
  • The ability for the client department to create a PeopleSoft eProcurement punch-out requisition from an online catalog of approved furniture products provided the order does not require field measurements

Questions or comments regarding the Herman Miller agreement should be directed to Michael Maskevich, Purchasing Team Lead for Construction at mcmaskev@utmb.edu.

Herman Miller Informational Site