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Central Receiving: The Receiving Process

Receipt of Material by Central Receiving
Direct Receipt by Department
Inspection by Department
Incorrect Item
Damaged or Unsatisfactory Shipments
Perishable and Sensitive Items
Personal Items
COD Packages
Addressing Packages
Temporary Storage
Package Inquiry

Receipt of Material by Central Receiving

Materials will be processed through Central Receiving on a First-In / First-Out basis unless the nature of the material dictates special handling.

Special handling exceptions may include:

  • all air and overnight shipments
  • materials on dry ice or frozen
  • live materials
  • blood and blood platelets
  • packages labeled “refrigerate immediately", “freeze upon arrival” or “special handling” instructions. Also included are radioactive materials and controlled substances.

Items that cannot be processed by Central Receiving include the following:

  • Live animals. Any department ordering live animals should make arrangements to have them delivered directly to the department's desired location.
  • Items ordered by contractors for work being done at the University. These items are to be delivered by the carrier directly to the contractor.
  • Select agents.

The following steps and procedures are performed by Central Receiving staff:

  • A visual inspection for damage to the carton or container at the time it is offloaded from the carrier truck.
  • Verify the number of packages indicated on the freight bill.
  • Enter the item into the Supply Chain Logic (SCL) tracking system, which will track the item throughout the receiving and delivery process. The item is classified as “Docked” at this stage in the process.
  • Create a label in the tracking system and label the package so that it can be tracked throughout the rest of the receiving and delivery process.
  • If visible damage is apparent, conduct a more thorough inspection of the contents of the packages to look for obvious damage to the item in the carton or container.
  • Enter the item, based on packing slip information, into the PeopleSoft system for Acquisition tracking.
  • Alert Delivery to the presence of the package and need for delivery to the requested campus location.

For information on the process once Delivery takes custody of the package, please
see the Delivery User Guide.

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Direct Receipt by Department

When a purchase order item is delivered directly to the department, a representative for the department should do a receipt in PeopleSoft. If the department cannot do this, Central Receiving must be notified immediately of the receipt of any material which requires processing by Central Receiving in order to close the order and allow for the process of payment to vendor. Failure to do so may cause delays in payment to vendors.

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Inspection by Department

Delivery is responsible for distributing packages from Central Receiving to campus departments. For more information on this process, see Delivery on the Supply Chain Management web site.

Once a purchase ordered package has been delivered to the department, a representative must inspect the contents as soon as possible (ideally, within 24 hours) for concealed damage, unidentifiable items, items not conforming to specifications or other discrepancies.

If the material or equipment must be installed to verify if it is acceptable, the department should arrange to have this procedure completed as soon as possible.

If there is damage, the representative should contact Central Receiving, at 409.772.5340 and the vendor by end of the next business day of receipt for assistance in filing a claim with the carrier. The department should preserve all portions of the container and wrappings.

If a shipment is not correct, the department should follow these procedures:

  • For all Small Order System (SOS) Purchase Order changes, please e-mail your changes to Purchasing Help Desk or fax to 409.747.8030. Or for assistance please call ext. 78000.
  • For changes to Formulary orders, please call the Problem Resolution Desk, at ext. 78025.
  • For changes to Materials Management orders, please call the Customer Service Desk, at ext. 25364.
  • For orders placed by Acquisition, please mail (to route 0905), fax to 409.747.8030 or e-mail your buyer in Acquisition a memo stating the problem and the responsible buyer will issue a change order to the vendor.

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Incorrect Item

Always verify your order upon receipt. Notify Central Receiving immediately of any discrepancies related to delivered material. Failure to notify Central Receiving promptly may delay payment to vendors. If you receive an incorrect item, please notify Central Receiving by the end of the following business day.

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Damaged or Unsatisfactory Shipments

Sometimes a shipment arrives with a problem, which may include damage, missing items, overages, or shortages. All problems with shipments must be reported to the vendor or carrier, depending on the nature of the problem. If a problem most likely occurred in transit, such as damage to the container, then a freight claim will need to be filed with the carrier.

If it is obvious to Central Receiving that a shipment is damaged, Central Receiving will notify the carrier and file the appropriate claims. Immediate action is necessary to comply with the time limits set by carriers for filing damage claims.

For items not conforming to specifications, unidentifiable merchandise, overages, or shortages, departments must contact Acquisition, and they will contact the vendor to work out the problem.

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Perishable and Sensitive Items

Frozen, refrigerated, or otherwise perishable or sensitive items require special processing and expedited service. Central Receiving will take every precaution to protect these items, and they will be given priority for timely delivery to the requesting departments.

If a department wishes to flag a particular package for priority delivery, please contact Central Receiving at ext. 25340.

Departments are also permitted to send representatives to the warehouse to pick up items if they are needed right away.

Please see Delivery of Perishable Goods.

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Personal Items

If personal items are shipped to Central Receiving, we assume no obligation for reporting damage claims, claiming concealed damage, or reporting incorrect shipments.

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COD Packages

Central Receiving will not accept COD or “Bill to Receiver” packages.

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Addressing Packages

Packages not properly addressed may not be accepted by Central Receiving or may not make it to the requesting department as quickly as it should. Please adhere to the following guidelines regarding proper addressing of packages by vendors.

Inside Deliveries

  • Package must be highlighted "Inside Delivery Only" by the vendor on the outside of the package.
  • Recipient's name (first and last) must be on the package.
  • Recipient's telephone extension must be on the package.
  • Recipient's official building name, building number, room number, and “L” number must be on the package.
Deliveries to Warehouse
  • Purchase Order-Related Packages
  • P.O. Number should be clearly marked on the outside of the package and on the packing slip.
  • All packages must be delivered with a packing slip on the outside of the box.
  • Recipient's name (first and last), department, telephone extension, and official building name, room number, and "L" number should all be listed on the box and/or packing slip.
Non-PO / Credit Card Related Purchases
  • Packages must have the recipient's name (first and last) and telephone extension.
  • The recipient's physical address (official building name, room number, and “L” number) must be clearly marked on the outside of the package(s).

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Temporary Storage

Central Receiving does not have a designated area for storage of received materials. However, under certain circumstances, departments may make special arrangements with Central Receiving by calling us at ext. 25340.

If approved, arrangements may be made to store materials for up to two weeks. These arrangements should be made prior to scheduled delivery. Prior to storage, a department representative must sign for the package and validate its contents.

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Package Inquiry

If a department needs to inquire about a package not yet received, a representative may call Central Receiving at ext 25340, Delivery at ext. 25327, or Mail Services at ext. 73268 to receive more information.

When calling to inquire about a package, please have the following information available:

  • Purchase order number, if applicable
  • Name and address of sender
  • Carrier name (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.)
  • Carrier assigned tracking number
  • Department and recipient at UTMB
  • Building, room number, and “L” number where the package is to be delivered
  • Information on who at UTMB may have signed for the package and when

Every room on campus has been assigned an “L” number, and it is located on a bar coded sticker on the center hinge of the door to the room. It should be visible when the door is open. If you are unsure about an “L” number, you can also access the online lookup guide.

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