Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Recently Graduated Residents

Melissa Taylor, MD
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, Tennessee

Yuske Yahagi, MD
Private Practice
Victoria, Texas

David Loran, MD
Meadville, Pensylvannia

Constantinou Constantinos, MD
Westchester Medical Center
Valhalla, New York

Hassan Reda, MD
Loredo Medical Group
1420 Logan Avenue
Loredo, TX 78040

Darien W. Bradford, MD
John Peter Smith Hospital
Fort Worth, Texas

Buddy Pastrano, MD
Private Practice

James Torres, MD
Private Practice
Corpus Christi, Texas

Thomas V. Bilfinger, MD
Stony Brook, New York

Basem Shabb, MD
American University of Beirut

Anthony DeRiso, MD
Private Practice
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Reza Khalafi, MD
Private Practice
Fort Worth, Texas

Thomas P. Paxton, MD
Private Practice
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania