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 Visiting Student Elective 

At UTMB, we are always excited to meet medical students from other institutions who are interested in a career in vascular surgery. Our vascular surgery division offers acting internship electives year-round via VSLO. The students will work with 7 faculty members as well as residents during the rotation. student on this acting internship rotation will function with the same duties and responsibilities as an intern or first year house officer of vascular surgery. The students are expected to be in attendance for Morbidity and Mortality conference, Grand Rounds with general surgery department; as well as vascular surgery division conference and educational programs. Vascular surgery education programs include faculty lectures, technical skills training such as suturing/knot-tying, anastomosis, and endovascular surgical skills.

Students will be fully integrated into the vascular surgery team and are expected to follow patients on the service census in Jennie Sealy Hospital and the TDCJ hospital at the same level as an intern. All students are expected to assist in the operating room, attend outpatient clinics, and participate in outpatient venous procedures. Students are expected to see inpatient consults and present to residents and faculty. There are no in-house calls for this rotation.

Goals of vascular surgery A/I at UTMB:
1. To gain experience in the clinical presentation, evaluation and treatment of patients with peripheral vascular disease.
2. To expand clinical skills in caring for vascular surgery patients in outpatient and inpatient settings including focused assessments of these patients that also encompass note-writing, presentation on rounds, incorporations of evidence-based decision making.
3. To increase the students' exposure to outpatient vascular surgical procedures.
4. To improve and expand technical skills in the operating room in both open and endovascular surgeries.

The rotation is available via VSLO. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. For additional information or questions about applying for a UTMB elective through VSLO, please contact Mrs. DeWitt at sadewitt@UTMB.EDU.