Fall 2023 Newsletter

A Message from the Publications Committee:

Welcome to the Fall 2023 newsletter for the Department of Surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch! The long-awaited wisp of cool air is just around the corner, and our surgical family has grown with the arrival of new residents. We extend a warm welcome as our incoming residents settle into their new home, and we look forward to nurturing their growth and contributions.

If you are a current or alumnus member of UTMB Surgery, please contact our Office of Publications at any time. We want to learn about your work, collaborations, and community-focused initiatives. We might even feature you here in the future!

Fall 2023 Newsletter Featured Department:
Transplant Faculty and Staff

All Around UTMB Surgery

  • muscle cell illustration with UTMB logo

    New Study Unlocks Potential Treatment for Muscle Wasting in Burn Injuries

    July 28, 2023, 10:43 AM by UTMB Surgery

    This collaborative research, titled “Acute muscle mass loss was alleviated with HMGB1 neutralizing antibody treatment in severe burned rats” was conducted by members of UTMB Surgery, Microbiology & Immunology, Orthopedic Surgery, and the Institute for Human Infections and Immunity.

  • Surgical Journal Club: Elevating Learning and Collaboration

    August 23, 2023, 11:33 AM by UTMB Surgery

    Attention all surgeons! Exciting news from the Surgery Department: our new Monthly Journal Club is here to inspire and invigorate. If you're dedicated to surgical excellence and growth, this is an event you need to be a part of!



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