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The Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology is dedicated to pushing the frontiers of basic and translational research in the neurosciences and cell biology and to medical, graduate, residency and postdoctoral education.

- Jin Mo Chung, Ph.D., Professor and Chair




We are deeply saddened to report that our dear friend and colleague, Dr. William D. “Bill” Willis, Jr. passed away on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, at UTMB Hospital in Galveston.


Dr. Willis, a world renowned neuroscientist, served as Chairman of the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience from 1994 until he retired in 2002. He made a remarkable impact on our department and on the neuroscience community world-wide. Some of his many lifetime achievements are detailed in the attached obituary. Dr. Willis will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and colleagues, but his memory and the impact he made on the world of neuroscience will never be forgotten.