If you are interested in learning about clinical trials, we can advise you about what studies are ongoing and explain the clinical trial process in detail to guide you toward making an informed decision. Contact the Clinical Trials Group at scvd.ctg@utmb.edu.

Clinical Trials

UTMB Clinical Trials Group

The Clinical Trials Group (CTG) is an integral component of the UTMB Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SCVD). The role of the Clinical Trials Group is to perform human studies to address the safety and efficacy of vaccines and therapeutic agents.

Originally, the Clinical Trials Group was the Pediatric Trials Group. This group was moved into the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development by the first center director, Lawrence Stanberry, MD, PhD. Dr. Stanberry, who at the time was also the chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, envisioned the Pediatric Trials Group utilizing its expertise to grow to encompass all ages and to expand to other disciplines such as OB/GYN, Internal Medicine and Oncology. Much of his vision has come to pass.

Contact the Clinical Trials Group at scvd.ctg@utmb.edu.


CTG Registry

The Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SCVD) Clinical Trials Group Registry is a list of people who may be interested in participating in clinical research. By completing this form you are agreeing that it is acceptable for us to contact you with information about studies we may do for children or adults. The information in the questionnaire is to provide us with the means to contact you. You are under no obligation to participate in any study and may withdraw at any time from the registry.

All studies will be approved by the University of Texas Medical Branch Institutional Review Board for Human Research Protection. Access to the registry will be restricted to appropriate persons designated by the SCVD Clinical Trials Group under the direction of Richard Rupp, MD. Please complete all questions and feel free to add comments and information that you feel would be useful.

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