The Sealy Institute for Vaccine Sciences

In December 2001 the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SCVD) was established at UTMB. In January 2018, vaccine research and development expanded at UTMB with the inauguration of the Sealy Institute for Vaccine Sciences (SIVS). The SIVS will help support and guide the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines at UTMB.

SIVS Involvement in the Vaccine Development Pathway

Vaccine Development Pathway

Basic Science


Clinical Trials Program

  • Phase I
  • Phase II
  • Phase III
  • Phase IV
  • All ages from newborns to senior citizens

Outreach & Education



Vaccine Clinical Trials

To our COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial Volunteers -
You made a difference.

UTMB Sealy Institute for Vaccine Development Clinical Trials Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sealy Institute for Vaccine Sciences (SIVS) is to improve human health by:

  • Conducting research focused on the development and use of vaccines
  • Developing public policy and education programs to foster vaccine acceptance
  • Training investigators in the field of vaccine research

With 76 UTMB faculty members from twelve School of Medicine departments, the institute incorporates the expertise of more than 100 cutting-edge research programs currently at UTMB. The faculty and staff of the SIVS strive to create, perfect and promote the most effective and safest disease prevention strategies. In this endeavor, the institute carries on the proud tradition of medical research and discovery that has been a hallmark of UTMB since its beginning.