Speaker Employer Date Title
Beth Ann Coller, PhD Hawaii Biotech, Inc. 8.20.10 Current Progress & Challenges for Developing a Dengue Vaccine
Roger G. Rank, PhD University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 10.21.10 The critical roles of inflammation in chlamydial genital infection-The good, the bad, and the ugly
Jay Hooper, PhD USAMRIID 11.18.10 DNA Vaccines Against Exotic Viral Diseases
Floris de Hon, PhD Elsevier  3.1.11 Publishing-Insights into what authors, editors and journals want
Carolina Salvador-Morales, PhD MIT/Faculty Candidate 3.29.11 Vishnu Particles for Medical Applications
Charles Rupprecht, VMD, PhD CDC (Rabies Program) 4.14.11 Future Prospects for Rabies Prevention and Control
Anson Pierce, PhD UTHSC/Faculty Candidate 4.19.11 Protein Hydrophobicity and Heat Shock Factor 1 Transgenic Mice: Potential Screening and Validation Tools for Vaccine Development in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Jai Rudra, PhD University of Chicago/Faculty Candidate 4.21.11 Self-assembling Peptides: Novel Adjuvants for Vaccine Development