SCVD Faculty

Marxa L. Figueiredo, PhD

Marxa L. Figueiredo, PhD Dr. Figueiredo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Her lab is interested in the response of prostate and head and neck cancer cells to cell cycle arrest and apoptosis signals, with the goal of developing novel strategies with therapeutic potential for cancer. Current research focuses on developing new molecular strategies for halting the growth of cancer cells, using several methods to deliver cytokine therapy targeted at modifying the biology of both cancer cells and their malignant interactions with the tumor microenvironment (stroma, bone). The lab focuses on cytokine therapies with apoptotic and antiangiogenic mechanisms of action. Their therapeutic strategies include Adenoviral vectors for transcriptionally-targeted therapy, and Adult adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells and Sonoporation (ultrasound delivery) to deliver cytokines to tumors. Dr. Figueiredo also utilizes modern optical and other modalities of noninvasive molecular imaging to detect therapy delivery and efficacy in vivo. Finally, her lab develops several in vivo cancer models (xenograft and transgenic) to examine the relevance of therapies to different stages of tumorigenesis and metastasis, which could yield important breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer.

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