SCVD Faculty

Bruce A Luxon, PhD

Bruce A Luxon, PhDAs Director of the UTMB Bioinformatics Program, a significant portion of my research is focused on computational genomics and proteomics. This entails the development of high performance computational methods to search for hidden patterns in very large datasets of very high dimensionality. Another important area of my research deals with the study of protein-DNA interactions with a specific focus on the importance of molecular dynamics in protein-DNA recognition. This research requires the use of sophisticated quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, high field heteronuclear NMR, organic chemistry, and biochemical techniques. An area of my research that has surged forward in the last several years is our DARPA-funded collaborative program on the structure-based design of countermeasures to viruses that may be used in bioterrorism. Using proprietary synthetic organic chemistry we have built functionalized DNA aptamers (decoys) targeted at viral and cellular processes important in managing both the attack by the virus and the subsequent physiological responses.

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