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Resident Education

Resident education comes first! The Department of Anesthesiology provides one of the most extensive didactic programs found anywhere in the United States, approximately 235 hours of educational conferences per year. We have educational experiences in a variety of formats including case conferences, grand rounds, morbidity and mortality conferences, journal club including resident pro- and con- debates, PBLDs, Anesthesia Jeopardy, etc.


  • Two Year Rotating Block Schedule for Daily Lectures
  • New Resident Education
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conferences
  • Case Conferences
  • Journal Club
  • Senior Resident Presentations
  • Problem-Based Learning Discussions
  • Sub-specialty Lectures
  • Anesthesia Jeopardy
  • ABA Keyword-Based Learning
  • Simulator Center Training
  • Mock Oral Exams
  • Departmental Research Seminars
  • Visiting Professor Lectures
  • Basics Topics in Anesthesia Curriculum