Welcome to UTMB Auxiliary Enterprises

Mission Statement

Auxiliary Enterprises furnishes housing, recreation, books, medical equipment, school supplies, parking, and retail food outlets for the staff, students, visitors and patients of UTMB.

The Department, which is self-supporting, provides these products and services at the lowest possible prices consistent with sound business practices. The Department responds to its customers' needs in a courteous and well-informed manner and ensures that all buildings, grounds, and equipment are maintained properly.


Team Contact Info

Alumni Field HouseLeslie M. Blacketer409-772-1304 or 409-266-BFITAlumni.fieldhouse@UTMB.EDU
BookstoreSandra Low409-772-1939 or 409-266-BOOKUTMB.Bookstore@utmb.edu
Parking FacilitiesGreta Earls Gillard409-772-1581 or 409-266-PARKParking@utmb.edu
Gift ShopJoysana Mosquera409-772-9800 
Retail Food Outlets and VendingGeorge DeLaCruz
DormitoriesJames Stephenson409-772-1898 or 409-266-ROOMUTMB.Studenthousing@utmb.edu
Ferry Road ApartmentsJanelle Achord409-750-9792UTMB.Studenthousing@utmb.edu