The BCSO is comprised of students in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) program, and its subprogram the Structural Biology and Biophysics Track (SBB) at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Check out the lists of our current and former members and their personal profiles. For more information on how you can become involved, see one of the BCSO Officers or the BMB and SBB Committee Representatives.

How to Join

To join, just attend one of our meetings, typically the first Thursday of each month at noon in BSB 2.240.

BCSO Constitution

Click here to view our constitution.

Members & Committees

  • Members

    The current members participating in our academic and social activities:
    Barnette, Brooke; BMB
    Bills, Cody; BMB
    Carpio, Kassandra; BMB
    Chen, John; BMB
    Elrod, Nathan; BMB
    Feinberg, Mandi; SBB
    Fraser, Alec; SBB
    Fontes-Garfias, Camila; BMB
    Herrmann, Geoffrey; SBB
    Hoffpauir, Zoe; SBB
    Holcomb, Richard; BMB
    Lee, Hubert; SBB
    Luu, Ross; BMB
    Mascibroda, Lauren; BMB
    Miller, John; BMB
    Nia, Anna; SBB
    Park, Joon; SBB
    Pereira De Castro, Karen; BMB
    Schott, Geraldine; BMB
    Scott, Seth; SBB
    Seely, Savannah; BMB
    Sotcheff, Stephanea; BMB
    Wadsworth, Paul; BMB
    Williams, Alexis; SBB

  • Alumni
    Allison, JasonKalichava, Ana
    Anderson, Kurtis; BMBKemme, Catherine; BMB
    Bae, Leon; BMBKong, Fanping; SBB
    Belanger, KarryAnne; BMB Kulp, Gabriela
    Brown, Aaron; BMBLucas, Thomas; BMB
    Bujalowski, Pawel; SBBLu, Wenzhe; BMB
    Burckart, Kimberlee; BMBMalmstrom, Robert
    Chen, DaisiMartinez, Esmeralda
    Chen, Feidi; BMBMcVicar, Scott; BMB
    Chattopadhyay, Abhijnan; BMBMukherjee, Abhisek
    Conde, Juan; BMBNi, Weiming
    Desai, PoonamNicholls, Paul; BMB
    Diaz-Espinoza, RodrigoNutter, Curtis; BMB
    Drake, Justin; BMBPal, Rahul; BMB
    Dutta, Arijit; BMBRolls, Barbara; BMB
    Dimayuga, Vincent; BMBRodriguez-Rivera, Jennier
    Doan, HungReyes-Aldrete, Emilio; BMB
    Esadze, Alexandre; SBBSahu, Debashish
    Fang, Ling; BMBSanders, Paige
    Folorunso, Oluwarotimi; BMBSheller, Samantha; BMB
    Gandham, Sai HariSpeidel, Jordan; BMB
    Garces, Andrea; BMBStarr, Marlene
    Gottipati, KeerthiStraub, Christof; BMB
    Hindupur, AdityaSzymanski, Michal
    Hsu, Wei-chun (Jim); BMBYu, Tianxin
    Huynh, Michaela; BMBZandarashvili, Levani; SBB
    Ijaz, Talha; BMB 
    Jaworski, Elizabeth; BMB 
    Ju, Xiaoxi 
  • BCSO Officers
    The BCSO Officers are chosen in a yearly election by the BCSO members. The current officer positions are chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. The BCSO also elects subcommittees for further development of other aspects of the organization.

    Kyung (Kay) Choi, PhD, BCSO Faculty Advisor 

    Tel: (409) 747-1402
    Fax: (409) 747-1404
    Location: 6.614C Basic Science Building