Student Life Activities

To help endure the stress of Graduate School, we sometimes get together to party, relax or just have fun. The BCSO has monthly social activities that include trips to the movies and Main Event for bowling and laser tag, a Halloween party and an annual summer BBQ.
Main Event

Main Event is an entertainment center that offers bowling, laser tag, billards, mini-golf and arcade games. Several times a year the BMB and MBET students escape from the island and travel to Main Event in Webster, TX for a rousing game of "Who can throw the most gutter balls bowling" or, alternatively, "Who can knock down the fewest pins with each ball bowling". They have pretty good pizza and everyone enjoys Happy Hour. Laser tag is awesome, as long as your teammates remember that they are supposed to aim at the people wearing the other color.


Summer BBQ

Every year, usually in June, the BCSO hosts an awesome BBQ for its members and their families. It's a great time to kick back, relax and actually talk to those people you pass in the halls all year. We have lots of good food, friendly conversation and activities like swimming. This year we actually performed an experiment to determine the effect of dumping the leftover ice water in the coolers on a couple of preteens. We discovered that ice water elicits a long, loud vocal reaction!


Movie Night

The BCSO members frequently get together to go see the latest movies at Cinemark 12 or Cinemark 18 (another chance to escape from the island!). This is frequently followed by long discussions dissecting the storyline, acting and directing over dinner at a local restaurant. However, movie talk is eventually replaced with discussions of the newest gaming systems and who has the worst driving skills.

Halloween Party

Every year we have a Halloween costume party. This, of course, includes more good food and drinks and some very entertaining games. This year everyone learned how to play Spoons and how to dunk for apples (for those of you unfamiliar with the holiday, it is a time-honored Halloween tradition where people try to catch an apple floating in water using only their mouth). To make it more challenging, someone overfilled the dunking tub with water.