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Utilities: Summary of Services Provided


  • 24/7/365 distribution and control of chilled water and steam for campus building, air conditioning and heating
  • Twenty four hour support, maintenance and repair of these production systems
  • Second level support for hot and cold calls
  • Coordination and control of utility systems outages for planned maintenance and construction.
  • After hours contact for maintenance support
  • Pickup, treatment, and disposal of regulated medical waste from UTMB facilities.
  • Provide Portable Emergency Power, Cooling & Heating Services to Critical areas during planned and unplanned events impacting normal campus operations
  • Maintains the Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Provides technical assistance for instrumentation on HVAC equipment throughout the campus.
  • Maintenance and repair for emissions control equipment


  • Provide Engineering Support and Technical expertise to:
    • Planning
    • Maintenance
    • Utilities
    • Emergency Operations
    • EHS
  • Equipment Selection Review
  • Review Project Designs and Basis of Design
  • Submittal review of exceptions to campus standards
  • Review of Energy Performance Compliance Submittals
  • Maintain Pressure Dependant Space Report
  • Maintain Campus Design and Construction Standards
  • Power Quality Reporting
  • Generates and maintains TitleV reports on boilers and incinerator for TCEQ


  • Act as the primary conduit between Facilities and the Campus community for energy use and sustainability goals.
  • Reconciling utility consumption and energy purchases
  • Maintains data for building consumption of utilities
  • Conducts building energy policy compliance audits and reports
  • Coordinate Municipal Solid Waste service (MSW) to the main campus
  • Facilitates Recycle service for the main campus and paper recycling to clinics; paper, cardboard, pallets, landscape debris, metal, plastic, e-waste, e-records, toner & inkjet cartridges
  • Coordinates UTMB's annual Earth Day event
  • Provides information and reports to the campus sustainability committee
  • Validation of Utility Billing Data
  • Facilitate Transit Program


Utilities business operations also provide support for:

  • Support for departmental computer applications. Some examples are work order tracking, space utilization database and electronic document management.
  • General IT consulting including departmental web management, database design and reporting, audio/visual services, and pc inventory and refresh
  • Business Service Center Planning & Reporting
  • Utility invoice processing (Non-PO Vouchers)
  • Invoice processing (Purchase Orders)
  • Contract Amendment and Modifications
  • Connect and Disconnect Public Utilities
  • Researching entries to comply with Finance Departmental Review & Reconciliation

  • Contract Management
    • Reliant Energy Solutions
    • Cokinos
    • Republic/Allied Waste
    • Air Products - Oxygen
    • Nalco
    • Sharps Direct
    • Siemens Industry
    • Siemens Water Technology
    • Cummins Southern Plains
    • ADA Resources-Diesel Fuel
    • Air Liqiude Healthcare American Corporation - Nitrogen
    • Action Personnel
    • Ambius


    • Electricity
    • Natural Gas