Utilities Fleet Services

Fleet Services manages UTMB's approximately 180-vehicle fleet.

We provide vehicle maintenance, fuel acquisition, long-term vehicle leases, insurance, online drivers safety training courses, driver verification, and state reporting.


  • Coordinate Vehicle Repairs, Maintenance, and Safety Inspections on UTMB Vehicles with User Departments and Contracted Vendors
  • Manage the Fleet Loaner Service
  • Manage UTMB's Fleet Information for State Vehicle Use Reporting System
  • Manage Vehicle Insurance and Insurance Claims
  • Manage Vehicle Purchasing and Leasing Process
  • Manage the Vehicle Fueling Depot and Fuel Cards for UTMB Fleet
  • Perform Driver Motor Vehicle Record Checks
  • Manage Defensive Driver Training
  • Manage the Billing for Fuel, Maintenance, and Repairs

Service Level Agreement:

Fleet Services manage approximately 180 vehicles, providing maintenance, long-term vehicle leases, insurance, online drivers safety courses, driver verification, and state reporting.

  • Coordinate safety and preventive maintenance inspections
  • Manage a fleet of 180 vehicles, including keeping records for the State Vehicle Reporting System
  • Manages vehicle insurance policies and claims

Manage UTMB's fueling depot (70,000 gallons of fuel used/fiscal year)


Frequently Asked Questions​

Fleet Services - FAQs



Business Hours
M - F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Holiday Hours
Fleet Services observes the Schools and Institutional Support schedule


Business Office:
515 Harborside Drive
Galveston, TX 77555

Service Garage:
Holiday Drive & Harborside

Contact Information

Fleet Services - Contacts

Program Director, Fleet and Courier Services

Head Shot of Neal CooperNeal Cooper
(409) 747-2958

Fleet Service Center Manager

Head Shot of Angela McDowell

Angela McDowell
(409) 747- 2959