Utilities - Sustainability


The Sustainability Department recognizes the importance of leadership with sustainable initiatives through continual efforts supporting UTMB's missions of education, research, and patient care.  In doing so, UTMB is committed to efficient energy management, resource conservation, and environmental excellence programs that embody environmental stewardship by design, and which will not deplete or harm natural or renewable resources for current or future generations.

Sustainability is the goal for everyone at UTMB.  Each member of the faculty, students and staff share a common responsibility to reduce waste, and actively promote environmental-conscious attitudes considerate of the impact we have on resources, and ecological systems.  Honoring this accountability further guarantees our ability to meet our needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Education is an integral part of what we do.  Through articles for publication, quarterly brown bag lunch sessions, coordinated special campus-wide events such as for Earth Day and Texas Recycling Day, the Sustainability Department continually strives to increase awareness on campus, and through the community.  We have established Green Teams across the UTMB campus who serve as representatives from varying departments and building sites and whose primary objectives are to promote sustainability initiatives in their individual work areas. 

With that in mind, we focus on three keys areas:  Energy Management, Waste Management and Recycling, and Transportation Initiatives

UTMB has established Energy Goals for Recovery from the Damages incurred by Hurricane Ike.  Sustainability works with departments and building occupants to meet established goals, and to reduce energy consumption whenever possible. 

Every member of the UTMB community holds the responsibility to recycle waste products if within their power to do so.  Sustainability works to develop and implement proper waste disposal management procedures to reduce waste in landfills and on campus, and to effectively manage waste removal services so that recyclable materials such as office paper, cardboard, shipping pallets, landscaping debris, fluorescent lamps, inkjet and toner cartridges, metal, plastic, and aluminum, batteries, e-waste products, mercury, and laboratory chemicals will be properly disposed of through environmentally-friendly alternative methods.

UTMB values its position as the largest employer in Galveston County, and understands the impact that each member of the UTMB community has on environmental and ecological systems through daily commuting activities.  With that, UTMB has the responsibility to encourage and promote environmentally-friendly commuting opportunities through services such as vanpooling, public transportation, and biking.  Additionally, UTMB remains obligated to make a conscious effort to procure fleet vehicles with the highest fuel efficiency possible and in accordance with State of Texas regulation