Events Calendar Guidelines


Beginning in January 2006, UTMB will launch a web-based institutional events calendar, located at http:/// Through a form on the calendar web site, a member of the UTMB community can post information about an upcoming UTMB celebration, lecture, dissertation defense or other event. The message is made available via the web, on the calendar home page.

This resource was created and is maintained through a partnership between Academic Resources, Information Services and University Advancement.

Access to post information to this resource is managed by departmental representatives through the Access Management process sponsored by Information Services. Users currently authorized to post messages to the daily announcements will have their privileges carried over to the events calendar. 

A list of Events Calendar Frequently Asked Questions explains many of the details about how the system works.

To access and continue to use the UTMB Events Calendar system, message publishers must agree to read and adhere to the guidelines outlined below, and to be responsive to concerns and complaints from readers of the events calendar. These guidelines may be revised as the tool is further developed, as new features become available, and as readers offer feedback on the merits of the service.

Conditions of Use

1.  The event posted must be related to UTMB.  
The purpose of the events calendar is to inform UTMB faculty, staff, and students about events, and opportunities relevant to them. It is not for advertising events unrelated to UTMB, its mission, goals or business.

2.  If it is not obvious how an announcement relates to UTMB, the relationship must be made clear in the event details.
An example: A posted event announcing a garage sale is generally not UTMB business. A garage sale hosted on campus by a registered student group to raise money for scholarships is. Distinctions of this sort--sponsorship of an activity, event, or message--should be made in messages, as appropriate. 

3.  Events may not be used to promote a business, commercial venture or for the personal gain of any UTMB employee. 
The only exceptions are made for Human Resources, which occasionally highlights offers or events (discount tickets to sports events, for example) and campus services that have a contractual or policy relationship with UTMB and make occasional use of the events calendar to note date-driven commercial events (e.g. Bookstore, Hospital Gift Shop, parking, food services).

4.  Each event must include a contact name, department, telephone number and email address of the person who posted the information or is responsible for it.  Generic names or department aliases should not be used.

5.  The event calendar is not a public forum or discussion tool. The calendar is a mechanism for communicating to a wide audience about date-driven activities and events. They should not be used for solicitation or as a platform for personal statements.    

Gaining Access
To gain and maintain submitting privileges to the events calendar, two steps are required:

  1. You must have your department's IS liaison (the departmental “Trusted Requestor”)  validate your need and request access to the events calendar on your behalf. The Access Management process is the mechanism for the request; it's the same process currently used to request service and new accounts from IS. You can check online to see who in your department can make this request for you—visit the Access Management site, log in, then click the “Services Available to all UTMB Personnel” hyperlink. On the resulting page, near the bottom, click the hyperlink labeled “Trusted Requestors in my Department?” and follow the simple instruction found there. By default, these "trusted requestors" all have access to the system, and can submit an event for you or request access to the events calendar on your behalf.
  2. You must agree to follow these Events Calendar guidelines, to use good judgment about posting events, and to be responsive to complaints and advice from others.

Losing Access

Persons who abuse this privilege may have their ability to submit daily announcements revoked.