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VALIC Financial Advisor-- On Galveston Campus
NIDA T32 Institutional Training Program Predoctoral Call for Nominations
Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Student Summer Seminar Series
Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Student Summer Seminar Series
Ride to Work in Comfort!
Benefits Annual Enrollment – July 15 to 31
Are you a woman breast cancer survivor aged 45 – 75?
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - For Asthma- COPD & Normal Healthy Research Study
New membership applications now being accepted for the FY16 UTMB Diversity Council

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The Final Oral Examination of Karon Wynne7/14/2015
CERPAN Lecture Series7/23/2015
School Supplies Drive - Pediatrics7/23/2015
How Proposed Export Controls Changes Affect Fundamental Research7/24/2015

VALIC Financial Advisor-- On Galveston Campus
First Published 7/27/2015

Need to speak with a retirement representative from VALIC?

VALIC representative Michael Bartlow is available to meet with you on the Galveston campus on Fridays.

To set up an appointment or for more information please contact Michael via email at Michael.Bartlow@valic.com or via phone 713-248-8564

Contact:     Email: Michael Bartlow     For: HR Benefits Department     Phone: 713-248-8564
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NIDA T32 Institutional Training Program Predoctoral Call for Nominations
First Published 7/27/2015

Call for Nomination:

NIDA T32 Institutional Training Program (T32 DA07287)

“Neural and Pharmacological Mechanisms of Abused Drugs”

The Center for Addiction Research is pleased to announce a call for nominations for three predoctoral fellowships sponsored via the NIDA (T32 DA07287) grant.

The goal of the NIDA T32 Training Program is to train the next generation of scientists dedicated to advancing knowledge in drug abuse and addiction.

All nominees must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents. Faculty mentors who are not currently affiliated with the T32 Training Program must be approved and added as a Training Program Faculty Mentor. Inclusion of a co-mentor is encourage for all mentees.

The predoctoral Nomination requirements/application are due to Kirsty Foss (klfoss@utmb.edu) in a single PDF file no later than 5pm (CST) on Monday, August 3, 2015.

Questions? Please contact Kirsty Foss; UTMB-CAR; klfoss@utmb.edu; 409-772-9620

Contact:     Email: Kirsty Foss     For: Center for Addiction Research     Phone: 409-772-9620
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Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Student Summer Seminar Series
First Published 7/27/2015

Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Program

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


The Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Present a

Qualifying Proposal Seminar by

Omneya Nassar

Graduate Assistant

"Thermodynamics of Ligand Binding to Glutamate Dehydrogenase"

Thursday, July 30th,, 2015

Noon - 1:00 p.m.

Research Building 6

Room 5.402

Contact:     Email: Penny S. Welsh     For: Pharmacology & Toxicology     Phone: 409-772-9626     Fax: 409-772-9648
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Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Student Summer Seminar Series
First Published 7/27/2015

Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Program

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


The Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Present a

Seminar by

Ches'Nique Phillips

Graduate Assistant

"The Role of Acute Hypoxia as a Stimulus of Cystathionine Beta Synthase Expression in Colorectal Cancer"

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Noon - 1:00 p.m.

Research Bldg. 6,  1.206 Auditorium

Contact:     Email: Penny S. Welsh     For: Pharmacology & Toxicology     Phone: 409-772-9626     Fax: 409-772-9648
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First Published 7/27/2015

Roberto Logroño, MD Award and Lectureship
for Professionalism in Medicine

The Department of Pathology, UTMB seeks nominations for the newly established Roberto Logroño, MD Award and Lectureship for Professionalism in Medicine for meritorious faculty of the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professors, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Dr. Logroño was born in New Britain, Connecticut, and grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he graduated from medical school in 1982 at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. He completed residency training in anatomic and clinical pathology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey and a fellowship in cytopathology at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center in Madison. In 1997 he was appointed director of the UTMB Division of Cytopathology, a position he held until his unexpected death in 2006. Dr. Logrono was a tenured Professor in the Department of Pathology.

In his foreshortened career as a clinician, educator, mentor and investigator, Dr. Logroño exemplified many of the attributes of professionalism, including altruism, accountability, excellence, duty, honor and integrity, and respect for others.

He has been described in such ways by numerous people who knew him personally and professionally:

“His respect, integrity, conscientiousness, and dedication promptly led to an unsurpassable reputation and trust among our local pathologists and clinical doctors. Roberto was humble and determined, and was not afraid to express his honest opinion in any situation.”

“Dr. Logroño was generous with his time, and contributed without hesitation to support and advance the cytopathology community. He was always ready to share his experience and advice.”

“Dr. Logroño was passionate about cytology and teaching. He cared deeply about his residents and fellows and made certain that they were included in cytopathology related activities.”

“Roberto’s passion for learning was exceeded only by his commitment to the profession as an educator.”

“Roberto’s commitment to all facets of academia was obvious at the institutional level as well as nationally. He was recognized for his excellence on numerous occasions, and his enthusiasm and passion for the topics he taught were reflected by the superb evaluations he invariably received.”

The UTMB Department of Pathology is delighted to invite our campus-wide faculty, staff and students to submit nominations for the first annual award and lectureship on professionalism in medicine in memory of Roberto Logroño, M.D.

The nominee should be a UTMB faculty member noted for a high level of professionalism in patient care, teaching and/or medical research. Nominations will be received from students, house staff, faculty and staff, and should include a cover letter describing how the candidate exemplifies the principles of professionalism in everyday behavior and in interactions with peers, patients, and students. The proposal should be submitted electronically and should include the candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV) and at least three (3) letters of support from colleagues who are well acquainted with the candidate. Additional letters of support are welcome.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, November 30, 2015. Supporting documents should be sent together to Dr. Alexander J. Indrikovs, Vice Chair of Pathology Clinical Services at aindriko@utmb.edu, with subject heading “Roberto Logroño Lectureship.”

The selection will be made by the Organizing Committee: Drs. Mark Holden, David Walker, Judith Aronson, Juan Olano, Joan Nichols, David Niesel, Jack Alperin, Susan McCammon, and Alexander Indrikovs, and Ms. Norma Hernandez.

The recipient of the award will be honored at a formal reception to be held on April 21, 2016 following the lecture on professionalism.

Thank you for giving serious thought to the nomination of a respected colleague deserving of this honor.

Contact:     Email: Angela Culler     For: Center for Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases     Phone: 72464     Fax: 70762
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Ride to Work in Comfort!
First Published 7/27/2015


Join our Clear Lake - League City Vanpool!

Our van has all Captain Chair seats, giving the riders comfort and privacy.  Ideal for the Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm, work schedule.  We pick up at Bay Area Park & Ride (on Bay Area and Feathercraft) and at the League City Sportsplex (on FM 96). 

Call Luz Cheng at ext. 24970 or (409) 682-1766 for more details and free trial rides.

Thank you!

Contact:     Email: Luz Cheng     For: EHS     Phone: 21781
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Benefits Annual Enrollment – July 15 to 31
First Published 7/27/2015


Benefits annual enrollment for the 2015–2016 plan year ends Friday, July 31. During annual enrollment, employees may make changes to their benefits elections, add or remove dependents, and/or enroll in the UT FLEX program.

To view or update your current coverage, log in to the My UT Benefits online system using the personal identification number provided to you by the UT System Office of Employee Benefits. No action is needed if you do not want to make any changes to your coverage; however, employees interested in the UT FLEX program must actively enroll each year.

Your annual enrollment elections and new rates will become effective Tuesday, Sept. 1.

For more information and helpful resources, see the HR Benefits Annual Enrollment 2015–2016 web page.

Contact:     Email: Benefits Services     For: Human Resources     Phone: (409) 772-2630
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Are you a woman breast cancer survivor aged 45 – 75?
First Published 7/27/2015

Join our walking program to get more fit!

UTMB is currently recruiting for a one-year research study testing interventions that use technology to help women like you increase their physical activity. Participants will be randomized into one of two groups: one group will use a mobile walking video game, and one group will use a wearable activity monitor. If you participate, you will attend four in-person sessions.

We will provide:

  • An iPod touch, headphones, and either a game or activity monitor
  • Technical support
  • Regular telephone counseling (weekly for 3 months and monthly for 3 months)
  • Information about your fitness and physical activity patterns

You may be eligible if you are:

  • A woman aged 45 – 75
  • BMI between 25 – 35
  • You received a breast cancer diagnosis in the past 10 years
  • You currently get less than 90 minutes of planned physical activity per week
  • You are able to safely engage in moderate intensity physical activity
Contact:     Email: Eloisa Martinez     For: SCOA     Phone: 409-266-9643
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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - For Asthma- COPD & Normal Healthy Research Study
First Published 7/27/2015

 Normal Healthy Participants And Subjects With Asthma or COPD

You could qualify for one of our studies if you are a normal healthy participant or

have a history of physician-diagnosed asthma or COPD and are between the ages

of 18 and 65 and are a non-smoker for at least one year

William J. Calhoun, M.D.
Principal Investigator
Clinical Trials Office

Contact:     Email: Rochelle Simmons     For: Internal Med-Pulmonary/Critica     Phone: 409-772-5503
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New membership applications now being accepted for the FY16 UTMB Diversity Council
First Published 7/27/2015


The UTMB Diversity Council assists with the development and implementation of institutional programs and initiatives that support the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our employee, student and patient populations. 

Members of the FY16 council will work together to:

  • Harness the broad spectrum of ideas, experiences and voices that characterize the UTMB community
  • Preserve an inclusive and collaborative environment that actively promotes and values diversity in its broadest sense
  • Ensure that best practices in support of diversity and inclusion are woven throughout the fabric of university life

The council is open to all faculty, staff and students, and it will meet once a month on the Galveston Campus.

If you are interested in serving on the council, click here to complete an online application. Paper copies of the application also are available at the HR Welcome Center and Jamail Student Center. The deadline for submitting an application is midnight, Friday, Aug. 7.

For questions or more information, please see the UTMB Diversity Council Get Involved web page or email the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at culture@utmb.edu.

Contact:     Email: Office of Diversity and Inclusion     For: Human Resources     Phone: (409) 747-4862
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The Final Oral Examination of Karon Wynne
First Published 7/14/2015




Announces – The Final Examination of

Karon Wynne

For the Degree of

Doctor of Philosophy

July 28, 2015

9:00 A.M.

Basic Science Auditorium 2.212




Chair: Douglas DeWitt, Ph.D., Professor, Neuroscience Graduate Program, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Donald Prough, M.D., Professor, Neuroscience Graduate Program, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Giulio Taglialatela, Ph.D., Professor, Neuroscience Graduate Program, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

David Meaney, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Bioengineering Graduate Program, University of Pennsylvania, PA

Corey Theriot, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Contact:     Email: Laura Teed     For: Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences     Phone: 22668     Fax: 70772
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First Published 7/22/2015

FALL, FY2015


One of the institutional goals of UTMB Health is to support and promote technology transfer and commercialization of research discoveries. The Technology Commercialization Program (TCP) will provide seed funds to support the commercialization of discoveries created at the UTMB Health. The funds for this program will be made available from the UTMB Health President’s Royalty Fund. The program is developed and offered by a partnership between the Office of Technology Transfer and the Office of Research. The distribution of funds under this award will be handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs.



  • All UTMB full-time faculty are eligible to submit the application to the UTMB Health TCP.
  • The technology to be developed and commercialized is based upon efforts of a present UTMB faculty member or researcher, and has the potential to provide meaningful healthcare benefits.
  • A UTMB Invention Disclosure (ID) Form describing the technology is submitted to the Office of Technology Transfer. Applicants should submit the ID form before the proposal deadline.


The processes related to review and selection of projects, administration of funds, and evaluation of progress on the project will be administered through joint efforts of the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) and the Office of Research. All proposals will be reviewed by a standing committee supplemented by ad hoc reviewers with successful experience in starting a company or receiving SBIR/STTR grants. Reviewers will be asked to address how this proposal will increase the commercial potential and marketability of the technology and the likelihood that successful completion of the proposed project will lead to future funding opportunities.  Reviewers will specifically be asked to comment in the following categories:

Significance: Does the proposal address a strategic innovation? What will be the effect of the proposed studies on concepts, methods, technologies, treatments, services or preventative interventions that drive this field? How strong is the commercial potential of the project in terms of leading to a marketable product or process? Will the technology have a competitive advantage over existing or alternative technologies in meeting the market needs?

Approach: Are the conceptual framework, design, methods, and analyses adequately developed, well integrated, and appropriate to the aims of the project? Does the applicant acknowledge potential problem areas and consider alternative tactics?

Innovation: Is the project original and innovative? Does the project employ novel concepts, approaches or methods?

Investigators: Is the investigator appropriately trained and well suited to carry out this work? Is the work proposed appropriate to the experience level of the principal investigator and other researchers (if any)? Does the research team bring complementary and integrated experience in the project?

Environment: Does the environment in which the work will be done contribute to the probability of success? Do the proposed experiments take advantage of unique features of the scientific environment or employ useful collaborative arrangements?


Funding in the amount of $500,000 will be available annually for the next three years with the possibility of extension depending on the success of the program and availability of funds. Each selected project will be funded for a maximum of $50,000 for a year. The extension of funding for second year will be on competitive basis and will take into consideration the recipient achieving the set milestones and showing adequate progress during the first year. Awards are anticipated to be made by January 15, 2016.

 Note: Recipients are expected to participate in the Institute of Translational Sciences (ITS)/CTSA-Supported Innovations in Molecular Therapeutics and Devices Workgroups.  These workgroups are designed to aid the recipients in commercializing their technologies.


LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) The purpose of the LOI is to provide a brief summary of the proposal for review. Please submit LOI (no more than one page) including the name and contact information for the PI, names of the key personnel, title of the proposal, and a brief description of the following:

  • Intellectual Property Status (invention disclosure, pending patent applications, issued patents).
  • Technology Solution (A brief overview of technology approach, and proposed solution, and how the proposed plan of work will advance the commercial potential of the technology). 

The letter of intent is due by 5 PM, August 17, 2015, and should be sent to Office of Research, Ms. Lucia (Lucy) Cardenas-Gonzales; E: lcgonzal@utmb.edu and Office of Technology Transfer, Ms.  Jacqueline Ramos, E: jrramos@utmb.edu.


Applicants should complete the following forms in the order listed (copies of all PHS 398 forms are available at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html):

  • PHS 398 Form Page 1 – Face Page
  • PHS 398 Form Page 2 – Abstract and Performance Site(s)
  • PHS 398 Form Page 4/5 – Detailed Budget*
  • *Faculty salary will not be funded from this award
  • PHS 398 Continuation pages containing the following information:

1. Background and Proposed Research Plan:This section should not exceed four pages. Organize the research plan to answer these questions.

(a)  Brief Description of the Technology

(b)  Commercial/ Market Potential of the Technology

(c)  Competitive Advantage of the Technology

(d)  Experimental Approach and Methods: Please provide preliminary data if available, description of the methods of study and expected results.  

(e)  Proposed Research Plan withMilestones, Timelines and Costs



Completion Date

Estimated Cost










(f)  Status of Intellectual Property

(g)  A description of how the proposed project will create new initiatives andsupport the commercialization of discoveries created at UTMB Health, and lead to new extramural grant support.  Describe any other funding currently available or being sought for the development of this technology.

2.   Potential Commercialization plan (no more than ½ page):Do you see this technology leading to a license to an existing independent company or as a new UTMB startup company.

3. Additional documents

a)  A list of cited literature: This section is not considered in page limitations.

b)  PHS 398 Biographical Sketch:A current 4 page NIH-style biographical sketch including other support information) should be included for the principal investigator and all co-investigators. Junior investigators should also list start-up funds available for their research program.

c)  OSP proposal routing form:An Office of Sponsored Programs Proposal Routing form must accompany all intramural research grant applications (copies of this form are available at the OSP web page: http://research.utmb.edu/osp/forms.shtm)


Grant Submission:Please submit the electronic version as a single PDF file to:

Research Services:   Ms. Lucia (Lucy) Cardenas-Gonzales at lcgonzal@utmb.edu                    

Office of Technology Transfer:  Jacqueline Ramos at jrramos@utmb.edu

Applications are due by September 28, 2015. Late applications will not be reviewed unless there are extenuating circumstances and an extension is approved by Dr. David Niesel (Vice President and Chief Research Officer).


Reporting Requirements

The Principal Applicant on the application will be responsible for monitoring the grant deliverables, progress of the project, and providing 1 page six-month status updates and a final report. Reports should include current status of the project, resources committed and the benefit of the results to commercialization. The final report is due 45 days after the termination of the project.

Please contact Dr. Sundeep Mattamana (E: sumattam@utmb.edu) or Dr. Nisha J Garg (E: nigarg@utmb.edu) for any questions or further information.




Contact:     Email: Kelley A. Prevou     For: Research Services     Phone: 409 266-9415     Fax: 409 266-9470
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CERPAN Lecture Series
First Published 7/23/2015


Center for Recovery, Physical Activity and Nutrition

Seminar Series

 “Biomarkers and Undiagnosed Disease”

  Presented by:

Soham Al Snih, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Division of Rehabilitation Sciences

University of Texas Medical Branch

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


SHP 1.202

All are welcome! 

Contact:     Email: Viivan Brannen     For: Rehabilitation Sciences     Phone: 409-747-1637
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School Supplies Drive - Pediatrics
First Published 7/23/2015

The Department of Pediatrics is having its annual "BACK TO SCHOOL" school supplies drive.  We will be collecting school supplies from now until August 14, 2015.  Supplies and/or monetary donations will be accepted at Research Building#6 (Old Children's Hospital), Room 3.300 (Pediatric Administration Office).  Donations will benefit GISD students.  For a full list of school supplies please visit www.utmbkid.org or facebook.com/utmbpediatrics.  For additional information or to make drop off arrangements plase call Tayna Vazquez at (409) 772-5270.

Click for more information
Contact:     Email: Tayna Vazquez     For: Pediatrics     Phone: 409-772-5270
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How Proposed Export Controls Changes Affect Fundamental Research
First Published 7/24/2015

Join UTMB’s Export Control Officer and Office of Sponsored Programs for this informative webinar!!

Where: Rebecca Sealy East, Suite 4.302 Conference Room

When: Monday July 27, 2015 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Sponsored by Higher Education Practice of MAXIMUS

Please RSVP to Frances Streeter, Legal and Export Control Officer by email frstreet@utmb.edu

Contact:     Email: Frances Streeter     For: Office of Technology Transfer     Phone: 409-772-0376
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